Post Big Catches with the FishBrain App

  • Blaine Martin
  • July 9, 2014
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FishBrain is a new smart phone app on Google Play and the App Store that provides users with statistics from various nearby fishers to hunt down the best fishing areas. Anglers log their fishing success on the app, and the data pop up on your smart phone. Users pick their favorite fishing waters to keep an eye on catches in the area. The app enables them to find a new place to fish or to rotate waters accordingly.

Various factors, like wind direction and water temperature, can change when and where fish choose to bite. FishBrain lends a hand with an extensive fishing database. According to Tech Crunch, a plentitude of statistics, including air humidity, moon phase, fish species, bottom depth, water visibility and catch depth are available through a monthly or yearly subscription, which cost $5.99 and $39.99, respectively.

The app already has hundreds of posts in Australia, Africa and various countries in Europe in addition to the United States. One reviewer that rated FishBrain in Google Play with five stars suggested having a fishing contest with a friend that is out of state.

Complaints about FishBrain are standard fare for apps; crashes within a few minutes of opening it and bugs while posting are fairly common. Still, there is room for improvement with updates.


Automatically gathered data via fishbrain



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