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Predictions in Cryptocurrency in the next 5 decades

Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay
Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay
Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay
Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay Future of cryptocurrency is bright-image from pixabay

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It has been difficult to predict the cryptocurrency market because governments have less control. So maybe the new rules and regulations shall have a minor impact on it.

Similar to S&P 500, it’s very ambiguous to tell what will happen in the stock market over the coming 2-5 months. However, we can foretell how the industry will behave in the next 2-10 years. There are high hopes that the market will shoot automatically. However, the definition of stock hasn’t changed, and the price increase will continue to behave similarly.

But that cannot give us a clue about crypto. Technology is growing fast, and things change quickly. Some experts say that there would be a dangerous bubble with the currency. Others say that those coins will change how we deal, interact and understand the topic of money. It becomes difficult to believe when an individual tries to gauge what will happen in the future, a report by forbes.

Some cryptocurrency experts had a long discussion with CNBC over this matter. They gave out their views on what the future would look like with or without crypto.

Ivory Johnson- Delancey Wealth Management

Johnson is a certified financial planner who has been in the blockchain industry for almost a decade. He said that crypto would continue to harm the traditional finance industries. It can transact money across different countries at very little cost. That’s an advantage because people like cheap things. Bitcoin could become a reserve currency in the next 50 years. Whether the states, believe it or not, that would be the future of cryptocurrency.

Developers will continue to improve it. Although there will be rules, both government and non-governmental organizations will accept bitcoin.

Frederick Kaufman

Frederick is a popular author in the financial industry. He wrote the novel “The Money Plot: A History of Currency’s Power.” He opened up that before we make it to 2071, the American dollar will have more similarities with many cryptocurrencies than gold or silver.

No one has the mandate to doubt the long-term result of crypto. The encrypted algorithm is here to stay and acts as a store of value. Fredrick believes all the forms of money will be in the form of crypto by that period.

This will mean every country will be using a parallel currency, bringing us together. That is the future of cryptocurrency. In addition, those with an interest in investing in tokens will get a free chance to transact. He proceeded, “Ironically, that impulse will connect us to primitive instincts and do its part to keep us human.”

Dan Egan

Dan is the Vice President of Behaviour Finance and Investing at Betterment. He came out clear to support how bitcoin has proven to the world that crypto is worthy. It has gotten its way to the speculation and money movement. The probability of crypto going away is less than 10%. However, we have to consider how we will deal with the energy consumed by that crypto, especially bitcoin.

To add to that, we have to consider the state officials who view crypto as a competitor to the fiat currency. So they could change it to be a black market product.

Dragon Bosco –Arizona State University

Dragon is the founder of the Blockchain Research lab in Arizona. His daily activities involve directing different teams who work on research. He talks about the central bank being at the upper hand in controlling cryptocurrency. They have realized how important crypto is. That’s why it’s difficult to make rules governing digital currency. He proceeded,” They recognize that digital currencies are native to the digital economy and, as such, are on their way to becoming mainstream in the next ten years.” The future of cryptocurrency is bright.

Barbara Roper

Barbar is the senior director of Investor Protection Consumer Federation of America. Roper said he is too old and afraid to make such a prediction.

John J Jerry –Quora crypto-writer

John is a sole investor from the United States. He wrote in a post that the crypto industry might look exciting, mysterious, and scary at the same time. Some financial advisors are still contemplating the best way to explain crypto to their clients. You have to think about the invested money and how it can change the industry.

Thomas Frey, a popular author, said, “Cryptocurrency is very much here to stay, .” Crypto will displace almost 25% of government currencies before 2030. The way they run is just adorable and easy to manage.

“The legitimization of a new asset class emerging alongside the traditional global economy. I’d say you can expect an exponential increase of new investment vehicles to come from cryptofinance”, Dr.James Canton said in a Federal meeting. James is a lecturer at the Institute of Global Futures. Although several people will lose their money in crypto, a good number will acquire richness.

bitcoin in the pocket-image from pixabay by WorldSpectrum.jpg
Crypto cannot be cash.

Cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology, where ledgers record any transactions. It’s a free coin with multiple relationships to different nations. Some people will treat cryptocurrency like properties rather than normal currencies. When you sell a single bitcoin, it’s similar to selling real estate. You offer the product in the form of digital chunks in the cloud. Companies like Visa will have to embrace bitcoin for an easier transaction.

The cyclic condition of cryptocurrencies will still be on

For many years we have seen bonds and stock undergo various cycles. Although there is more volatility in this industry, it’s the best place to experiment with your investment skills. Many people will continue allocating a portion of their portfolios to crypto. Sometimes bitcoin stumbles, but it has never lost the first position.

A change in the bank operation

As the world embraces technology, the banking industry will also experience some changes. Cryptocurrency will disrupt some functionalities. Christine Lagarde, a managing director at IMF, once said that crypto could displace international and central banks. That looks very significant. Peer-to-peer transactions are encouraging. People have always looked for a better way to escape the intermediaries for many years. It helps investors cut off some fees hence saving a lot of money.

The crypto supply chain will shape the commerce industry. Buyers and sellers of different types of products will get more exponential value.

The government will have some control over cryptocurrency.

Government role on crypto industry

We have seen china banning crypto companies and businesses; hence some investors had to migrate to other countries. The UK also banned bitcoin but later accepted it. The United States is discussing strict rules after Biden signed a bill in 2021. When you possess even a single crypto coin, you feel like you are cheating.

Many crypto transactions have evaded taxes. Blockchain technology is so secretive that it ensures the users are anonymous hence difficult to track. But this will change with time. Canton proceeded, “The government is going to tend to play their role. I think the FCC could provide prudent regulation to accept and encourage innovation with cryptocurrencies. There’s a role for governments to participate, but I do think too much regulation will be intrusive.”

Governments now understand the significance of cryptocurrency. To add to that, other financial institutions are investing a huge amount of money in crypto. Also, some secret government officials are embracing the power of blockchain technology. This will continue until all the nations agree to use crypto as the common currency.

cryptocurrencies sample with cardano-image from pixabay.jpg
Crypto regulations will be tight.

More than 100 organizations, including governments, are still looking for the best way to come up with regulations. As cryptocurrency move towards being a substitute for fiat, the regulations might become stiff.

What about plastic cards?

Plastic cards will receive greater competition in the coming decades. Likewise, cash has experienced high competition from those cards.
But currently, debit and credit cards continue to become absolute as companies accept crypto payments. Furthermore, online application like PayPal, Alipay, WeChat has made plastic cards redundant.,

Cardano could outperform some crypto.

According to a report released by a manager at American Research Morningstar, Army Arnott, there could be three contenders at the top position. That is bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum. They will form a tie of three kings, which will occupy almost 80% of the crypto industry.

It’s a great moment to take action and submerge into the cryptocurrency industry. Both small and large projects built on blockchain are erupting. There are a lot of opportunities being created in the cryptocurrency industry. Any development within this industry will negatively or positively impact future predictions. For the next 50 years, a lot will have happened.


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