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Success Journey by Sean Bingham, co-founder KZ and Adventure Hunt

Sean Bingham is the co-founder and the CEO of KZ and Adventure hunt. His passion for sports, innovation, sales and marketing, Adventure has driven him to great success in life. The entrepreneur started his career as a salesperson, and his leadership skills earned him top ranks. Sean is also the founder of TopBlip.

One of his first contributions was leading a team as a sales manager to make $8 million in revenue within five years. Sean Bingham believes in the power of consistency and hard work in every job he does.

He grew up in a very humble beginning, yearning to change the condition in the future. They were very close with his brother, who set up a company that has grown to something large. However, no one believed that their idea could turn out a success.

I was motivated by entrepreneurial forces and a strong desire to be my boss. Since my childhood, I felt like my mind was smart enough to impact the world positively. If you combine destiny and hard work, you can succeed. Although I worked as an employee during my early years, I was looking for something to be in total control of. Money was not my priority, but I was after that freedom to make my personal decision in my company.

If you asked a young Sean Bingham, he would tell you how he liked controlling his destiny. I have tried out a lot of business, including car detailing. While in school, I became a senior journalist in a broadcasting company. My desire for sports transformed me into a sportscaster within four months.

While still in college, I quit my broadcasting media job and started my own Sports Valley. I pushed my news to be aired on the local channels. You could hear my classmates talking about 6-figure jobs during summer, so I wanted to be among them. I thought it was an easier job, but it wasn’t. So after school, I became a sales manager.

After some years, I had enough capital to set up KZ and Adventure hunt. That’s where I have driven all my interest, focus, and time. TopBlip was our first idea that we worked on with my brother. It’s a perfect business that evolved while brainstorming with my younger brother. We wanted to stop the door-to-door sales. So we decided to come up with an online market.

Within one year, our company had almost 300,000+ registered individuals. The site was receiving millions of users per month. We also noticed popular names like Parachute, Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, and Andy Grammar using and appreciating our company. Unfortunately, there was a day when the website crashed, and we had to fix that quickly. Finally, after 2.5 years, we could not withstand the pressure, we sold it. Immediately we got the money, we ventured into KZ company.

It started as a minor startup selling pair of sunglasses with unique arms. The company acted like our side projects, but the sales went high within the first three pre-seed months. So, I shifted from part-time to full-time opportunity. Now it has been 28 years since we launched the KZ company.

Sean Bingham with female friends-image from facebook

Later, we decided to offer more complex and creative design sunglasses. We worked on quality, packaging, and other beanies. I saw great potential in that business. Through consistency, we managed to lift KZ to another level. It gave us the ambitious effort to set up another company, Adventure Hunt.

We Launched Adventure in 2015, which was a marketing urgency for KZ. I was looking for something creative that could make KZ grow faster. The company mainly focuses on outdoor living and adventures.

I collaborated with Stance, Mission Belt, GoPro, and GoScope. They agreed to offer a treasure which clients could go for Adventure until they find it. That was a marketing idea to attract more customers. I traveled in almost ten cities and buried treasure chests in all secret locations. We advertised that each winning team in that city would win a trip to Hawaii. We got a positive response, and people registered to search for the treasures. Our company’s sales tripled.

After the first hunt, we decided to build a creative website for attracting sponsors and capital ventures. We also added another 15 cities where we hide treasures in private places. Every week, we were trending on Instagram, and I utilized the opportunity for marketing strategy. The minor success drove us to make Adventure Hunt a big player.

When your business takes one step ahead, that’s amazing. It inspires you to take in more challenges. We have decided to build a mobile app for Adventure Hunt. We want to integrate with a good deal of third-party software to make it a world-class platform. I am sure the app and website will generate more revenue than we are now.

Travelling is my hobby; that’s why I feel at home with Adventure Hunt. I have managed to visit 30 different countries in various continents for exploration. We made a great team that helped manage our business when we were away.

Before you begin any business, have a clear plan and goal. You will achieve a lot if you set up your faith and act responsibly. To remain strong, I was taught never to give up. To add to that, I am a prayerful person, and I believe God can do miracles.

I have that minor thing inside me that controls my destiny to keep the fire burning. I want to have a great impact on the world. Staying on top and having a feeling of importance is what we yearn for.

To dominate in a certain type of business, you must find a way to make it unique. Apart from our physical marketing strategies, we made a lot of funny challenges on Snapchat and Instagram. Those helped us grow 12X. When copycats loom in, we identify another way of marketing.

Sean Bingham with adventure hunt team-image from facebook


If you want your business to grow, you can’t run away from social media. We know exactly that millions of people spend half of their day on their phones.

To a younger Sean Bingham, when you identify your passion while young, it can transform your entire life. But remember to be consistent and focused on what you want. Then, follow one thing before diversifying your business.

Make sure the field you want to venture into goes hand in hand with your skills and passion. Choose something that you will feel okay doing it. Earning a good amount of money while having fun is awesome. Lastly, make sure you partner with the right mindset. Collaborate with people who share some values and goals like you. Some employees will be a burden to your company.

For sure, employees are the bigger players in a company. I don’t hire people with higher grades, but those who have passion and are self-motivated about achieving in life. Those employees who can get themselves busy are the most reliable people. I wouldn’t say I like the idea of giving suggestions and instructions every time. We are all adults and few words in a meeting. When you see a positive effort in an employee, you must also learn to appreciate their work.

Being in the entrepreneurship world means serving customers. There are times you will argue and find yourself making big mistakes. For example, while we were still with TopBlip, we lost several musicians and bands. We could not please everyone in the field where there was tough competition. Even with Adventure, several board members were upset with their personal reasons.

Others are not happy with the KZ company, but we have no space for convincing the 0.1%. It’s better to cherish and care about people who see a bigger picture in your business.

Whenever you find yourself in a conflict with your client, you must be humble and respond positively. Be a good listen. Also, the company’s policies and rules should guide you on what to do next. In most cases, we stick and move by the company’s policy, but we have to make a tough decision by ourselves in some situations. Therefore, we listen to every complaint and treat it differently.

For those who want to set up their business, just do it now. Procrastination is never a good idea. Suppose you worry too much about what will happen tomorrow; it acts like discouragement. Start it now and make your dream happen.

Although I am lazy when it comes to reading, business books have impacted my life. Books make your mind expand and see things from various angles. I would recommend that people read Carnegie’s book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

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