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The Success of Diana Paredes, Female Entrepreneurship in the Financial Industry

Diana Paredes, power of women in entrepreneurship -image from pixabay by geralt Diana Paredes, power of women in entrepreneurship -image from pixabay by geralt

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Many entrepreneurs will decide to quit their jobs to set up their own company and become self-made entrepreneurs. Diana Paredes is one of them, the co-founder of Suade. The company serves as a platform for financial regulations.

After working in the financial industry for more than a decade, she saw a gap in the market. There was the need to create a very innovative platform upon which the financial sector could make decisions. Diana Paredes wanted to bring a solution to society through her entrepreneurship.

After graduation, I got a job in the bank. I enjoyed the environment for some time from the first day, but later I realized how innovative my mind was. Unfortunately, it was not part of my job, so I had to stick to my lanes. Finally, after saving a good sum of money, I decided to leave and start my startup. I already had some ideas, so it was easy to settle on the best choice. That’s how Suade came up.

Although the industry was competitive, many financial organizations didn’t have a regulator. In addition to that, banks have not created a space for their employees to be innovative. You do what the company wants. But with Suade, innovative young youth are given a chance to bring their ideas to test if they can become solutions to the world. Our business is mainly focused on serving as a regulator for future proof. We employ a lot of modern technology to be the top fintech company.

Suade Labs, founded by Diana Paredes-image from LinkedIn

My transition from being an employee to a CEO of Suade was easier. However, there are always many questions you need to ask yourself before you leave a company. I like it when London companies have a supportive community for tech entrepreneurs. Furthermore, having a mini MBA could act as an accelerator because you know what you will do in your new company.

To a young Diana Paredes, do it, try it out, and never procrastinate. At some point, fear got the better part of me. I was an unknown entrepreneur, but I managed to stay focused. Sometimes you might think it’s hard, but that’s not for every entrepreneur. However, being your boss is not a thing for everyone. It’s always better to try out and test your mind. If it doesn’t work, then go back to your previous job. You can win or learn from the entrepreneurship journey. On my side, I fell in love with entrepreneurship, and I feel like I made the right decision.

There is no way you will run from challenges as an entrepreneur; you need to grow strong and tackle them. When working for a large company, it’s very safe, and you got a lot of privileges. But when you are a CEO, it’s like fighting with the world alone. I am happy because I collaborated with a community of startups that lend their hand to my business. In addition, the financial industry has a lot of opportunities where you meet top brains solving complex problems.

The second challenge can come from your issues. You always question yourself why you started and where it will end. Finding the correct balance between overwhelming and uncertainty is very ambiguous. One needs to be strong and ready to go on a new ride. A popular venture capitalist and an entrepreneur, Ben Horowitz, said that when you struggle hard, that’s where opportunities come from. That’s the big difference that draws a line between girls and women.

To those looking for a path in entrepreneurship, never be afraid to try things that look impossible. Even individuals who run large companies had the same fear during the pre-seed season. You could be having an idea that looks best, but the reality will hit you to realize the number of years you will spend before becoming successful.

We try hard to expand Saude daily. We want to over-deliver our services to clients. The next move is to bring young ideas to life to change our society.


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