BMW to increase prices due to tariffs

Tariffs continue to impact companies BMW announced over the weekend that it is raising the price of its SUVs in China because of the steep cost of tariffs on US imports. The two SUVs that will be affected are the X5 and X6 SUVs – their prices will likely increase from anywhere between four and […]
  • Ben Norman
  • July 30, 2018
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BMW Signs Contract With Chinese Battery Manufacturer

BMW announced that the all-electric iX3 SUV will be manufactured in China and exported to outside markets. The German automaker also confirmed a new battery contract for all of their new electric cars. The contract is bigger than this firm expected. Chairmen of the Board of Management of the BMW AG, Harald Krüger, issued the […]
  • Peter Boyer
  • July 11, 2018
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Tesla unveils new $78,000 performance Model 3

Model 3 production may be looking up for Tesla The original Model 3 costs roughly $35,000, and this weekend Elon Musk announced that this price will be more than doubled for the high-performance Model 3. So, what makes it worth more than double the price? According to Musk, the new Model 3 has a driving […]
  • Ben Norman
  • May 21, 2018
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Chrysler to join BMW, Intel in autonomous driving consortium

Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler announced plans Wednesday to join an autonomous car development consortium with Germany’s BMW and American tech giant Intel, MarketWatch reports. UK-based Delphi Automotive PLC and German component manufacturer Continental AG each joined the group earlier this summer. Israeli collision-avoidance software developer Mobileye was originally an independent member of the alliance, but in […]
  • William Van-Lear Black
  • August 16, 2017
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Mercedes-Benz Surpasses BMW in Sales For First Time Since 2005

For the first time in over a decade, Mercedes-Benz surpassed BMW in sales last year. This feat comes after Daimler, Mercedes’ parent company, switched their focus over to making stylish, high-tech automobiles instead of optimizing market share. Mercedes reported selling 2,083,888 cars in 2016, while BMW reported on Monday that it had sold 2,0003,359. This […]
  • Anahit Moumjian
  • January 12, 2017
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Changes Are on the Way For The BMW i3

Insiders report that 2017 will indeed be a year of change for the BMW i3 electric city car, as the BMW i3 is to be completely redesigned. The revamp of the electric car will change the rear, front, and battery range. The battery range will be increased beyond 180 miles this will ensure drivers more […]
  • Sharnita Sanders
  • November 29, 2016
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BMW Profitability on SUVs – Best since 2011

BMW has logged its highest SUV profitability since 2011. Much of their success has been attributed to the rising popularity of the X5 model in China. BMW’s second-quarter earnings before interest and taxes jumped to 11.7% of sales from 9.6% the year prior. Those numbers beat 9.9% from Audi AG, the world’s second largest premium […]
  • Blaine Martin
  • August 7, 2014
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Maserati strikes U.S. luxury car market!

Jumping into the mass luxury automobile market is Maserati. Considered one of the fine Italian supercars and imports, it has begun to take a chunk out of the high end sedan and sports coupe markets in the U.S. Still predominantly controlled by Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Maserati with its Quattroporte, a full sized sedan and the […]
  • Nat Alia
  • April 30, 2014
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2014 NYC Auto Show – The New and Hot Cars!

At the 2014 NY INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW we get to experience the thrills of the road and the cars that will occupy them. All models are on display, for every budget. And future cars that will roam the roads soon to come. While every company showed off their top of the line models that most […]
  • Nat Alia
  • April 18, 2014
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