Foot Locker shares up 20%

Foot Locker is on the up-and-up, but will it be long-term? The apparel and shoe store saw its shares boost on Friday, after exceeding earnings expectations. Moreover, Wall Street anticipated earnings per share of $1.25. Foot Locker eclipsed this figure by reporting a $1.45 EPS in the first quarter. It also reported $1.9 billion in […]
  • 2 Months ago

Nike losing teens in footrace with Adidas, analysts say

The investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray released the findings of their latest biannual “Taking Stock with Teens” Survey, MarketWatch reports, and apparently, Nike is losing touch with teenagers. Instead, the demographic seems to be spending more with Adidas and Amazon. Before you throw out your swoosh-covered sweats and socks, Nike (NKE) still […]
  • 9 Months ago

J.C. Penney Toying with New Store Idea

J.C. Penney has plans to introduce toy stores within its department stores in an attempt to draw in more customers along with their families. The efforts are intended to recapture part of J.C. Penney’s past spirit when their stores drew in both children and their parents through their holiday catalogs. In order to reestablish a […]
  • 1 year ago

Six Smart Watches for All Your Needs

The release of the Apple Watch got a lot of people interested in the smartwatch market, but Apple isn’t the first to come out with a product like this, and they won’t be the last. The newly released Apple Watches are being praised for all of their new features, but a lot of the features […]
  • 3 Years ago

Adidas And Nike Battle Out Business Rivalry During The World Cup

As many know, Nike and Adidas have an ongoing rivalry that has yet to be settled. No one has ever been able to say which brand can officially be crowned the winner. What’s a better way to compare the two sporting companies than with The World Cup? Well, it turns out the two competitors both […]
  • 4 Years ago