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Nike Launches Controversial Colin Kaepernick Campaign

Colin Kaepernick is the face of a new Nike Campaign titled “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”. The ad is obviously controversial and relates to the on-going National Anthem protest going on throughout the NFL. Some are praising Nike for their courage regarding the heated topic, and others are criticizing their choice to pick a side of the debate.

Kaepernick is an ex-NFL-quarterback who took a stand against the National Anthem and eventually started a player movement that fights racism and police brutality in America. Kaepernick has since started a funding campaign called “Know Your Rights”. Nike plans on providing a donation.

Nike is heavily involved in the NFL. The sports giant wanted to make it clear that since Kaepernick is not involved with the NFL anymore, there is no conflict of interest.

When asked about the campaign and the NFL’s involvement, Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon-John responded:

“Nike has a longstanding relationship with the N.F.L. and works extensively with the league on all campaigns that use current N.F.L. players and its marks. Colin is not currently employed by an N.F.L. team and has no contractual obligation to the N.F.L.”

Of course, with the NFL protest debate, there has been a backlash. People are hitting Twitter and providing a backfire perspective.

User Sean Clancy tweeted:

“First the @NFL forces me to choose between my favorite sport and my country. I chose country. Then @Nike forces me to choose between my favorite shoes and my country. Since when did the American Flag and the National Anthem become offensive?”

The tweet included a video of a burning pair of Nike running shoes.

The NFL has not issued an immediate response.

In the past, the movement has been heavily criticized by president Donald Trump. He has yet to comment on the Nike campaign.

Nike stock dropped from 82.81 to 79.01 over the 3-day holiday weekend.

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