Bidding war for Amazon’s second headquarters is underway, here’s who’s on top

The bidding war for Amazon’s second headquarters began on Monday, and several cities have already submitted their proposals. New Jersey has submitted a bid for their city of Newark, offering up what could potentially be the greatest financial incentive for Amazon—$7 billion in tax breaks. Just last month, Amazon announced a competition to source a […]
  • 9 Months ago

More and more Amish businesses are using technology

There are 2,000 thriving Amish businesses in the Lancaster, PA area, Donald B. Kraybill, a retired professor at Elizabethtown’s Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, told the New York Times. Many are worth several million dollars. More and more of those businesses are not strictly agrarian. Many now function with the aid of technology, […]
  • 10 Months ago

Soda Tax Brings In More Than Expected

The sweetened beverage tax received this year for the city of Philadelphia was up to $5.7 million for just the first month. That’s more than double what the Revenue Department estimated but less than the amount needed. Earlier in the year the Revenue Department project the amount of tax to be $2.3 million in January. […]
  • 1 year ago

8 Year Old Boy Becomes First Successful Double Transplant Patient

One of the best things about modern technological advancements is the upgrades in the medical field. It enables patients to experience recovery like never before, and doctors can do the almost impossible. One such incident involves an eight year-old boy and his impressive record breaking road to recovery. Zion Harvey is a little boy from […]
  • 3 Years ago

Glassdoor Answers: Which Are the Top 50 Cities for Jobs?

The job network site, Glassdoor, has helped a myriad of aspirants in some way or another get jobs. Be it vacancy postings, 6 degrees of separation or even ranks, this website has so many answers. As of now, Glassdoor has posted a list of the top 50 cities for jobs. In times like these, a […]
  • 3 Years ago

Comcast Calls Changes Customer’s Name to “A-Hole” on Bill

Comcast is one of the biggest cable providers in the United States, which is why many are surprised by the lack of professionalism from the company after a customer’s name was changed from Ricardo to “A-hole” on his bill. Lisa Brown contacted, and provided proof that Comcast called her husband, Ricardo, an “A-hole.” Brown believes […]
  • 3 Years ago

Boyfriend of ‘Glee’ Star Becca Tobin Found Dead in a Hotel

Matt Bendik, “Glee” star Becca Tobin’s boyfriend, was found dead in a Philadelphia hotel room Thursday, July 10, just a few days before the first anniversary of the death of Cory Monteith on July 13. He was 35. According to New York Daily News, Bendik’s body was found around 1 p.m. by a staff member […]
  • 4 Years ago