Sprint and T-Mobile nearing merger agreement

T-Mobile and Sprint, respectively the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the U.S., are nearing a merger agreement, undisclosed sources told Reuters Friday. A due diligence period would follow the finalization of the agreement’s terms, but the companies expect a deal by October, according to Reuters’ source. In August, Reuters says, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure […]
  • 10 Months ago

RootMetrics Releases Cellular Performance Data for First Half of 2017

On Tuesday, RootMetrics, a renowned independent research company that collects data on the reliability of cellular networks, released its report for the first half of 2017, Daniel Kline of themotleyfool.com reports. Testers drove 276,607 miles—further than the distance between the Earth and the moon— to perform just under 4.7 million tests of cellular performance. Verizon […]
  • 12 Months ago

Data Breach Exposes Millions of Verizon Customer Records

Verizon’s partner Nice Systems suffered a data breach that exposed the records of 6 million customers. The data was accessed through an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server, leaving records compromised by customer service calls facilitator. Verizon claims that despite the data breach no loss or theft of customer information occurred. The records in question are […]
  • 1 year ago

T-Mobile is Ahead of the Competition with More Data on its Unlimited Plan

In case you haven’t noticed, this year has brought about many changes when it comes to smart phones and their carriers. Many of the top carriers have begun offering unlimited data plans. Every announcement from one carrier is followed by an even bigger announcement from another. In order to stand against competitors, AT&T got rid […]
  • 1 year ago

AT&T Announces New Unlimited Plan

With Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint coming out with unlimited data plans to bring in more customers, it was only a matter of time before AT&T joined in. The company announced that starting February 17th AT&T says it will be offering a new unlimited data plan for its consumers. Even though each company is coming out […]
  • 1 year ago

Verizon To Introduce Unlimited Wireless Data Plan

Verizon introduced an unlimited data plan for the first time since 2011. The nation’s largest wireless provider announced the move away from monthly data allowances on a TV advertisement during Sunday’s Grammy Awards broadcast. The plan, starting at $80 per month, brings Verizon up to speed with competitors that already had unlimited data offerings, like […]
  • 1 year ago

T-Mobile Tuesdays Offers Free Data for Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go craze is still going strong and businesses are taking advantage of the craze. T-Mobile isn’t going to let such an opportunity go to waste, so T-Mobile is offering free data for Pokemon Go for a year starting Tuesday. To claim this free data, T-Mobile users have to download the T-Mobile Tuesday app […]
  • 2 Years ago

T-mobile Expands Wi-Fi Service

T-Mobile announced the expansion of it’s Wi-Fi telephone and texting, facing the new iPhone 6 includes this feature.  The carrier presents the “Wi-Fi Unleashed” the service that the clients can make call and text over a Wi-Fi network.  The company also signed a deal with GoGo, an inflight service that allows text messages,  image messages and […]
  • 4 Years ago

T-Mobile Lowers Family Plan Price

T-Mobile announced a lowered-price family July 28 with 10 gigabytes of 4G LTE data for a family plan of four for $100. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, said in a blog post that the carrier would offer 10GB of LTE data for a family of four, each line would have 2.5GB, starting July 30. According to CNET, T-Mobile […]
  • 4 Years ago
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