T-Mobile Tuesdays Offers Free Data for Pokemon Go

  • Joanna Mei
  • July 18, 2016
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The Pokemon Go craze is still going strong and businesses are taking advantage of the craze. T-Mobile isn’t going to let such an opportunity go to waste, so T-Mobile is offering free data for Pokemon Go for a year starting Tuesday.

To claim this free data, T-Mobile users have to download the T-Mobile Tuesday app and claim the free data offer. The offer will be available starting July 19 and will be offered every Tuesday until August 9.

This week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is Pokemon-themed. In addition to free data, T-Mobile Tuesdays is offering its usual free ride up to $15 from Lyft to “get to your next Gym battle”. T-Mobile is also offering its sponsored free Wendy’s frosty for both Pokemon trainers and non-trainers alike.

A new offer has been added to T-Mobile Tuesdays that promises 50% off on all charging accessories for Pokemon Go players. Even for those who aren’t catching Pokemon, 50% off on a new power bank isn’t a bad deal if your phone consumes a lot of battery.

Although it sounds like T-Mobile is losing money by offering free data, they aren’t. Pokemon Go only uses from 5 to 10 megabytes an hour so if you have a 2GB data cap, you’d have to play 200 hours a month to surpass the data cap.

Despite the overall positive feedback from T-Mobile’s free Pokemon Go data, some critics argue that this move violates net neutrality (a principle that states that all types of internet traffic should be treated equally). Technically speaking, T-Mobile isn’t violating any of FFC’s rules. T-Mobile isn’t making Pokemon Go servers faster, and they’re not blocking games similar to Pokemon Go. T-Mobile is, essentially, using a tactic known as zero-rating.

Zero-rating is the idea that by making one game cheaper to play, you’re making other games seem more expensive. Since T-Mobile is only offering free data for Pokemon Go, other games that require data will be more expensive to play. This tactic may potentially get people to hesitate when playing other games that require data.

It is very unlikely that the FFC will stop T-Mobile’s new Pokemon promotion. FFC didn’t stop Binge On, a free video streaming program, so it would be hypocritical to see Pokemon Go suffer consequences.

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