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Taylor Swift says she’s ‘seen this so many times’ to Simone Biles’ floor routine.

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Taylor Swift joins world's richest

By David Mouriquand

Taylor Swift noticed Simone Biles’ floor performance at U.S. Olympic gymnastics team trials.

Biles competed to make Team USA’s Olympic roster over the weekend, showcasing her gymnastics talents. Biles performed her amazing floor routine at the event on June 28 to Swift’s.

As the song’s beat starts, Biles performs a triple double in her flips and twists in an NBC Olympics & Paralympics on X video.

The crowd applauded as the gold champion waved after her routine.

She said, “Watched this so many times and still unready,” referring to her song.

Swift said, “She’s ready for it tho.” The Grammy winner had three clapping hands, a gold medal, U.S. flag, and red heart emoji.

Her Olympic trail exploits help her qualify for her third straight Games in Paris next month.

Biles has used “…Ready For It?” before on her floor routine. In May 2024, she sang the song at the Core Hydration Classic.

Over time, Swift and Biles became friends. The pop star has praised Biles before.

To start her floor performance, Simone Biles threw her triple twisting double tuck 12 feet high. Her routine won the U.S. Gymnastics Trials and guaranteed her a seat on the Paris Olympics team.
Biles watched the “Fortnight” singer narrate a pump-up video before her beam routine in August 2021.

“What do we want from heroes? We expect what from them? We need what from them? They astonish us—what happens? Swift asks.

“When you have the world’s attention, everything you do has more meaning,” she said. This can be weighty. It might change everything. Last week, her voice was as important as her gifts. Her authenticity is as lovely as her characteristic excellence. Do you see? Still is. Her humanity is perfect. So calling her a hero is easy. Tokyo: Simone Biles back on the beam.”

Swift’s positive statement came after Biles resigned from the U.S. women’s gymnastics team and all-around contests in July 2021 to focus on her mental health.

Biles responded to Swift’s X praise.

“I’m crying,” she said. “How special. Love you @taylorswift13.”

Swift answered she was emotional too.

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