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Career Advice from Alicia Guevara, the First Black and Latina Female CEO of BBBS

Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook
Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook
Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook
Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS- image from facebook

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York is the largest mentorship program for almost 5300 people. Alicia Guevara received good news in 2019 when the board made her the CEO. She became the first female CEO of the organization.

The lady’s appointment is historically recognized. She is a Latina black American who has made it to the top of the ladder through hard work. Her role in the organization has been vital as she has helped thousands of young people during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the painful lockdown season of 2020, black and Latino youth were outsized in many things. She had to come in and make sure they received better treatment.

Racism has been a major challenge in many European countries. The Big Brothers organization serves almost 5 major variants of blacks in America. Here is the distribution:

  • Person of color:- 93%.
  • African American and Black – 38%
  • Latinx or Hispanic – 36%
  • Pacific islander and Asian – 10%
  • Multiracial and unknown groups – 8% and 1% respectively.


Guevara said it’s not an easy task to mentor young people in an interview with CNBC’s Make It. However, it’s not about a moral imperative but a positive way to develop a future workforce. They also earn skills that set them to be tomorrow’s leaders to make the USA a unique nation. Statistics have shown that by 2030 half of the labor force will be occupied by the youth of color. The current children promise a lot.

The CEO said her courage, leadership skills, and the CEO opportunity came from youth mentorship programs. BBB NY has had a positive impact on her life. Her parents had migrated from the Bronx to Cuba. They were all teachers who supported her career every time she needed them.

What’s the Impact of being the first female CEO of BBB of YNC

Guevara admitted that the opportunity had opened doors for other black females with a leadership mindset. It’s possible to achieve anything as long as you are focused. She is working towards preparing a room for young people who look up to her.

Almost 82% of people in New York are referred to as youth of color. Most of them have less access to opportunities and social capital. Now that’s where she comes into intermediate. BBBS ensures youth are shaped to make the right decisions in their lives. They also get a variety of filthy opportunities in society through the organization. She has to play a major role in giving these youth a reality access o most things.

Being the only black leader among other people

Alicia Guevara said it’s not her first time being in space as a black woman. What’s important is the lack of blueprint in each leadership she gets. She has to put up her framework, a very different plan from the rest. As a lady, you must be committed to the community. She said it’s the best time to create more opportunities for black females to avoid the only one thing.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Guevara appeared among the top 100 Latino Power in City & states Power of Diversity. This proved that her leadership is being recognized across the world. Such rewards motivate her daily, a report by New York latest.

Finding work that can align people’s value

Being uncompromising and passionate is Guaveras’s principal value. She was once employed through a training ground. She worked with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. The main Impact of the organization was availing health services to needy families. Through the opportunity, she gained business skills as well as leadership.

Mentors also play a vital role in one’s life. Set goals and work towards them.

Importance of finding a mentor

Whether it’s a one on one or traditional mentorship program, all of them help. First, it’s helpful to find a mentor you relate well with. Sharing ideas, positive thoughts, and aspirations prepare you for a greater future. This mentor can have connections to major opportunities.

How good is a good mentor

As a mentor, you must be able to listen keenly to the needs of your mentee. Alicia Guevara refers to it as a problem solver to ambiguous problems. Inspires each difficult situation of your mentee. Have a sense of vulnerability to get reciprocal mentorship. Also, as a mentor, there is a need to be active with your network. Create as many opportunities as possible.

The effect of a pandemic on BBBS mentorship

Alicia Guevara spoke about the virtual programs that they held after two weeks of lockdown. But currently, almost 85% of relationships remain intact. There is a plan on how young black children get to meet each other. They’re engaged in things like the TikTok challenge, virtual museum tours, cooking, virtual homework help. All the people under the BBBS program were on mentorship program throughout the pandemic.

The big people in the programs get training opportunities. This was to continue the fight against race in society.

Best career advice

Alicia Guevara confirmed that testing the bounds can help one find their taste. Explore everything while still young. Opportunities exist, but you must be ready to work towards them.


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