Titan Launches Biggest TV in the World

  • Ben Feinstein
  • June 12, 2014
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titan-zeus-lead- BIZNOB

In the world of TVs, a rule of general thumb dictates the bigger it is the better it is. Well now those who have a thirst for the biggest and the best have a trip to the store to make. That is if you can afford it. British company Titan has just unveiled a $1.7 million dollar TV that measures 26 feet by 16 feet. The TV is appropriately titled Zeus.

If you can’t be at the World Cup, this TV is no doubt the next best thing. If you haven’t worked the dimensions out yet, it measures out to the size of a professional soccer goal. It’s so big that the players will appear life sized. Zeus now replaces a panasonic TV priced at $1 million as the worlds biggest TV. Panasonic’s model is 12 feet wide.

TItanscreens - Worleds biggest TV -BIZNOB

Titan’s newest TV uses 4K technology which is the equivalent of twice the definition of HD. The Daily Mail reported that the TV can be controlled via gestures, and even said the channel could be changed with little more than a wink. In addition the screen automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the light in the room. It also has the capability of displaying 20 different channels at a single time.

Before you scrape every penny you have together though, be forewarned that there have only been four units made and two of them have already been sold. One of the screens has been mounted on the top of the Le Grand Hotel in Cannes. The remaining two TVs can be purchased through the company’s website. But most people wouldn’t even have a place to put the TV even if they were able to afford the outrageous price tag. Still, it’s has to be incredible watching anything on a TV that big.



Photo: titanscreens.com

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