Twitter is following in the footsteps of Snapchat

  • Crystal Ng
  • March 16, 2018
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In a generation where smartphones are no longer categorized as a luxury item but a necessity, everyone is on some form of social media. As such, the companies behind these social media platforms are competing to get ahead of one another. For one, Instagram began as a mere photo sharing application, but it has since then, added the live recording, boomerang effects and videos etc. Facebook too, offers these things and so much more.

There was a time when each platform has their own key purposes; the one element they are most associated with. Like words are to Twitter as pictures are to Instagram. None of these social media platforms run like that anymore. Now, whatever Snapchat offers, so does Instagram as well as Facebook.

There are always murmurs about possible updates in Snapchat and so on. Just a few months ago, there were talks around CNBC that suggest a potential camera-centric feature in Twitter.

Based on the analytics, Twitter has observed a substantial increase in posts and usage involving video contents throughout the course of 2017. People have been checking out local news as well as sports-related matter in the form of videos. This is so that users will have higher convenience and accessibility to post and to share videos through its platform. An article by Engadget, a technology media outlet has made juxtaposition of this prospective feature with “the location-based snap collections” curated and distributed by Snapchat on its Discover tab. CNBC outlet further explains that there will be a new element, the Twitter Moments. Twitter will then gather these location-based pictures and recordings and subsequently assemble them through Twitter Moments. In this way, a wide range of stories about things going on in the area will conveniently be within reach.

A while ago, Snapchat had disappointed all of its users by introducing advertisements all over their Stories and Discover content. Similarly, Twitter will become the next platform for businesses to place their advertisements on. All in all, this feature will no doubt increase the firm’s revenue through advertising profits.

Nonetheless, nothing has been confirmed at this moment. No information has been revealed about its possible release date as well as whether it will actually present itself at all. Inside sources from CNBC reveals the fact that this notion is somewhat fresh off the boat. It is still way too early to expect its release anytime now.

Still, it seems as though every social media platform is now coming up with distinct features to match what the others offer. Stories, Moments, Live are all features that Facebook and Instagram have implemented following Snapchat. Be that as it may, with Snapchat constantly adding and changing its ways, users are beginning to realize the number of alternative social media platforms there are. They all offer the same features as well as the same conditions. Lots of buzz has surrounded Snapchat since it places advertisements in a strategic spot such that it constantly catches users off-guard, forcing them to watch it. Their recent change in design in order to accommodate more advertisement have caused it to lose their supporters. Many are now deleting their Snapchat altogether since Instagram is slowly becoming the better option.

Conversely, we cannot blame the firms for such actions. Put yourselves in the shoes of the company. What is the main concern and aim of a business if not profit? Profit maximization remains to be the first and foremost priority for suppliers in the market.

This leads to the following questions. Profit motivations aside, is it a good idea for all social platforms to be the same? Will people eventually stick to one particular platform and which one would that be? Are these changes better or worse and for who?

Only time will tell.

Featured image via flickr/ Esther Vargas

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