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Ukraine’s “meat assaults”: Russia’s deadly ground invasion plan

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Zelensky: Ukraine Will Triumph, Stresses Confidence on War

Western leaders joined the Ukrainian President in Kyiv to mark the anniversary

Ukrainian troops describe Russian tactics they see everyday with a brutal word.
They call them “meat assaults”—waves of Russian troops attacking their defensive positions about a dozen times a day.
Ukrainian National Guard Lt Col Anton Bayev of the Khartia Brigade said wave after wave might arrive in a few hours at frontlines north of Kharkiv.
He claimed the Russians usually utilize these units to detect where our firing equipment is and exhaust our units.
“Our guys stand in positions and fight, and when four or five waves of the enemy come at you in a day, which you must destroy without end, it is very difficult—physically and psychologically.”
This strategy has caused massive Russian deaths since Moscow started its new onslaught two months ago. Western authorities said that 1,200 Russian troops were killed or wounded daily in May and June, the highest rate since the conflict began.
Drones usually see attackers, and Lt Col Bayev said the Russians leave their dead and injured on the battlefield. “They focus on meat assaults and exhaustion.”
The strategy shows that Russia wants to capitalize on its numerical superiority.
Captain Ivan Sekach of Ukraine’s 110th Brigade likened what he sees in Pokrovsk to a conveyor belt that kills Russians while enabling them to advance slowly.
Population size gives Russia an advantage over Ukraine. Former inmates and one-time payments of thousands of dollars help Russia recruit assaulters.
Russian officials have complained about “crippled regiments” that push injured troops back into combat. One video shows hundreds of guys, some on crutches, pleading with their leaders to heal them at the hospital but being ordered back into war.
Western officials believe this allows Moscow to send poorly trained troops to the front lines at the same rate they are killed or injured.
Even with more troops, Ukraine couldn’t match Russia’s tactics owing to its distinct approach to losses. A top general was fired in recent weeks for utilizing Soviet tactics—throwing people at the front lines.
“There are a lot of criticisms because we have lost a lot of guys because of Soviet-type mindset and strategy,” says former Security Service officer Ivan Stupak. We have staffing constraints. Thinking about our people is our only option.”
Russian advances surrounding Kharkiv have halted. Russia’s attritional strategy is slowly advancing eastward.
Unfortunately, many Russians. They are rolling this operation centimeter by centimetre, inch by inch, 100m or 200m every day. Unfortunately, it works for them, adds Stupak.

The US now lets Ukraine fire US weapons against Russia.
However, a Ukrainian official claimed longer-range attacks inside Russia were merely a palliative and not changing the fight.
Former security service officer Ivan Stupak said, “We are driving towards stalemate,” which may lead to the “bitter pill” of negotiation.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recommended a ceasefire to speed discussions during a visit to Kyiv this week, something Kyiv authorities are leery about.
“We [are] not ready to go to the compromise for the very important things and values,” Andriy Yermak, Zelensky’s chief of staff, told reporters in Washington.
Ukrainians believe Russia may regroup and strike again without strong security assurances like Nato membership, rather than nebulous discussion of a path to such status.
Putin hopes to defeat Ukraine on the battlefield and outlive Western assistance. Moscow has attacked energy infrastructure nationwide and launched guided aerial bombs at Kharkiv’s frontline positions and residents, causing power outages and winter fears.

While his Ukrainian soldiers lack ammunition, mortars and glide bombs are causing losses.
He adds, “We need everything, and there is always a lack.”
Boys are hanging on. We’re holding on. Though difficult, everyone understands the cost and purpose.

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