Bustle owner acquires Gawker.com

Gawker gossip Bryan Goldberg, the owner of Elite Daily, Bustle, and more, won the auction for Gawker.com on Thursday, with the final purchase price valued at $1.35 million. Gawker faced bankruptcy after venture capitalist Peter Thiel launched a lawsuit against Gawker with wrestler Hulk Hogan. The site posted a video of Hogan in a sexual […]
  • 6 Days ago

YouTube attempting to curb false information

YouTube attempts to stop misinformation “Fake news” seems to be a popular discussion in today’s media, and it seems to be very apparent on YouTube, where content creators can use misinformation in their videos to gain more views. YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan announced on Monday that the company is “making changes to put […]
  • 8 Days ago

Millennials are relocating to Sacramento

Sacramento has come in third as the city that millennials are moving to. This should motivate employers to move to the city as well. A recent report published by Smart Asset, a personal finance information company has revealed some of the top cities that millennials are opting to move to. One of which, unsurprisingly, is […]
  • 1 month ago

Starbucks’s new policy towards non-paying customers

Starbucks’s new policy allows non-paying customers to sit in their cafes and use their restrooms. A video centered on two African American men in a Starbucks in Philadelphia spiraled out of control on the internet. It caught world-wide attention not long ago. The two men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were seen to be ushered […]
  • 2 Months ago

Suzanne Scott becomes Fox News’ first female CEO

Until Thursday, Fox News never had a female CEO. That all changed as Suzanne Scott made history to lead one of the major news channels in the nation. The highly revered promotion is definitely deserved, as Scott has been doing a spectacular job at Fox News. Before her promotion, Scott was the president of programming, […]
  • 2 Months ago

Are you willing to pay $999 for an iPhone?

iPhone X is not selling well because of its high price. Apple’s earnings report show an increase. Perhaps it’s because of how frequent each generation of iPhones are getting released, or maybe because of the increased number of competitions in the market, the latest iPhone, the iPhone X, seems to be lacking behind in the […]
  • 3 Months ago

Is Amazon making its profit off Prime members?

Amazon’s earnings in the first quarter is twice of its earnings before. The company plans to increase its Prime membership fee by 20%. Towards the end of last month, Amazon has announced that its earnings have exceeded expectations, reaching an astronomical sum of $1.6 billion. That is twice of its earnings before. With that said, […]
  • 3 Months ago

Are synthetic cannabinoids causing severe bleeding?

Rat poison has been found in synthetic cannabinoids. The use of synthetic cannabinoids has been reported to cause severe bleeding.  As recreational marijuana becomes legalized in more states, the market behind it has become much larger. As such, companies have come up with an alternative good, which is the synthetic cannabinoid. However, some health risks […]
  • 3 Months ago

Did the scandal actually affect Facebook’s stocks?

Facebook first-quarter reports show that its earnings and shares are all soaring up. The company has far exceeded Wall Street predictions. Despite the horrendous scandal that Facebook had gone through just weeks ago, it seems that the company is still going strong in its stocks, as reported by Business Insider. Click here to be directed […]
  • 3 Months ago
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