2 Dead in New York from the Legionnaire’s Outbreak

  • Leanne Coelho
  • August 1, 2015
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Image: Via Flickr/Guilherme Nicholas

These days, viruses are in canned food, imported produce, the water supply and even in dog food. Salmonella and other outbreaks are taking over a few states. As of now, the big apple looks like it is next in line to be victimized by an outbreak.

This time, the Legionnaire’s disease has affected about 31 people in the South Bronx area since mid July. However, the outbreak was really noticed when two people who were affected actually did pass away as a result.

The Health Department says that they are working on the matter and trying to find the source of the matter. Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said,

“We are concerned about this unusual increase in Legionnaires’ disease cases in the South Bronx. We are conducting a swift investigation to determine the source of the outbreak and prevent future cases. I urge anyone with symptoms to seek medical attention right away.”

The symptoms of this disease include diarrhea, loss of appetite and confusion; the symptoms happen about a week from exposure to the Legionella bacteria.

Dr. Bassett went on to keep the people hopeful by saying,

“I want to make clear that this is a common pneumonia, one which is readily treated. Especially important for people to seek care early, and especially important for health care providers to be aware that we are seeing these cases.”

Image: Via Flickr/Guilherme Nicholas

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