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A toddler in Arizona was rescued after becoming stuck in a Tesla with a dead battery

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courtesy: Tesla

The Model Y’s 12-volt battery, which powers doors and windows, failed.
A 20-month-old toddler was rescued after becoming stuck in a Tesla Model Y in Scottsdale, Arizona, where temperatures have risen beyond 100 degrees this week, after its 12-volt battery expired, according to Arizona’s Family.

After smashing through a glass with an axe, firefighters were able to safely extract the toddler from the automobile. However, the issue raises questions about why there isn’t a simple way to unlock the car and extract the toddler from the automobile safely from the outside when its 12-volt battery — which powers items like the door locks and windows — fails.

Renee Sanchez, the car’s owner, was driving her granddaughter to the zoo, but after loading her into the Model Y, she slammed the door and couldn’t open it again. “My phone key wouldn’t open it,” Sanchez explained during an interview with Arizona’s Family. “My car key wouldn’t open it.” She called the emergency services, and firefighters were summoned to assist.

If you’re inside a Model Y when it’s not powered on, you can open the doors using a latch on the front and a cable on the rear. But it was not an option for the tiny child, who was strapped into their car seat while Sanchez remained outside. You can jump-start a dead Tesla to get into it, but the method is complicated.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment and has closed its press office.

Earlier this week, Arizona’s Family reported on a woman who became stuck in her Model Y but was able to get out once she discovered the latch. Last year, an Arizona motorist claimed he was locked in his Model Y on a sweltering day and only got out with the help of his sister.

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