Binance thrives amidst volatile crypto market

Binance stays consistent as crypto market fluctuates Overall, cryptocurrency values have fallen by 70% so far this year. Crypto exchange firm Binance, however, does not seem to have the same woes. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reported to Bloomberg that he plans on generating at least $500 million in profit in 2018, and this figure could […]
  • 9 Days ago

Bithumb most recent crypto exchange to get hacked

Crypto hacks continue Cryptocurrency rates fell as South Korean crypto exchange firm Bithumb gets hacked on Wednesday – the second firm in a month to be breached. Bithumb reported on Wednesday that hackers stole roughly 35 won ($32 million) in cryptocurrencies, with the majority being Ripple. After the breach, the company froze all cryptocurrency deposits […]
  • 29 Days ago

Coinbase on track to be regulated financial business

Don’t sleep on crypto The cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase reported on Wednesday that it has bought three companies that will allow it to soon become a fully-regulated company. In one deal, its parent company Key Acquisition purchased financial tech firms Keystone Capital, Venovate Marketplace, and Digital Wealth. The acquisition of these companies gives Coinbase “a […]
  • 1 month ago

How does tax liability affect the value of Bitcoin?

The changes in the value of Bitcoin has been explained by tax burdens. The $20 billion downdrafts in the past two weeks may be because of the selling of $1 billion of Bitcoin. Once again, investors are startled by the sudden fluctuations of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Unlike the usual, however, the changes in the […]
  • 3 Months ago

Fed’s attempt to control BTC

According to Forbes, people have been making a comparison between bitcoin and gold. They are saying that based on the grounds of these assets being the “safe-haven” or “disaster hedges” when the economy is in recession. However, bitcoin is neither safe nor will its value maintain as the economy goes awry. Cryptocurrency could lose its […]
  • 4 Months ago

Why are the cryptocurrencies crashing?

Within the past weekend, Bitcoin has fallen drastically to $7,335.57, at its lowest on Sunday. Fortunately, as CoinDesk conveys, the value of the cryptocurrency gradually recuperated. By Monday afternoon, the value of Bitcoin picked up again returned to an average of $8,585. Although we can never know for certain the reason underlying such change, many […]
  • 4 Months ago

Mining Cryptocurrency: The Beginner Course

Hello there! We would like to welcome again to our feature on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general! In our previous installment, we went over the humble beginnings of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as it ballooned into the pop culture curiosity it has become. In today’s feature, we will be going over the basics of mining cryptocurrency, one […]
  • 4 Months ago

Be Careful with the Cryptocurrency You Invest in

Cryptocurrency has turned a lot of heads in recent years. Despite its original intent to be the future of currency, it has become a promising source of investment for many out there. Cryptocurrency investors are ranging from business professionals to amateurs – thanks to its accessibility. It has become a prospective alternative to other commodities […]
  • 4 Months ago

Cryptocurrency mining program Coinhive sparks controversy

Coinhive, a Javascript application that uses website visitors’ computing power to mine cryptocurrency, launched on September 14. Since, the program has generated controversy, as website owners and hackers alike insert it into a number of high-profile websites. Coinhive markets itself as a legitimate way for websites to make money, but does not endorse the use […]
  • 10 Months ago
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