Airbnb Looking to Boost Funds

  • Sharnita Sanders
  • December 18, 2016
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Airbnb is known for letting homeowners rent out their homes to other. Whether it be just one room or their entire house, many homeowners choose to rent out their space with Airbnb. The company has seen some good business over the years but has also been facing some tough times. Airbnb even had to go as far as suing the cities of San Francisco and New York.

Now Airbnb is trying to raise over $153 million to further their expansion of the estimated $30 billion company. Airbnb confirmed Friday that investors have already taken interest in the $153 million shares the company has offered up for sale.

This sale of share seems to be a continuation of the $555 million Airbnb raised earlier in September. So far the price for shares has gone up from $93.09, which was back in 2015, to $105. However, with all of Airbnb’s efforts some experts say that their services are taking affordable houses off the market and making rentals more pricey.

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