Alexa Meets The Apple Watch For The First Time

  • Peter Boyer
  • June 8, 2018
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The famous Amazon Alexa has now spilled over into the Apple brand. The new app Voice in a Can allows Apple Watch users to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa from their wrists. The third-party app does not require the user to pair with an iPhone in order to be linked to the device.

Alexa was first introduced by Amazon through the Amazon Echo, a speaker that is controlled by human speech. The popularity of this product was immediate and led to other Amazon releases such as the Echo Spot, Echo Show and Echo Plus.

Voice in a Can is set up to only work with the latest model of Apple Watch and requires Wi-Fi signal or an LTE connection. The Apple Watch currently only comes with the Siri voice command function.

Setting up Alexa on an Apple Watch is quite easy. The Voice in a Can app works by linking the app to the user’s Amazon Alexa account. After the installation is complete, the user must tap an icon within the app to have Alexa respond. This app seems to be a temporary solution to linking an Amazon product with an Apple product but has so far gained a lot of popularity. When the Apple Watch screen goes black, the app disconnects from Alexa.

So, watch out Siri, the Amazon Alexa has come to play.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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