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Apple and Google Approve Marijuana User’s “Tinder” App

An new app for “chill people” created by Todd Mitchem called High There! is receiving Apple and Google’s approval.

The app is being accessed worldwide on both the Apple store and Google Play connecting fellow cannabis users with each other. Forbes describes it as the “Tinder for marijuana users.”

Despite the controversy Mitchem somehow convinced the most powerful industries tech companies that it does not promote marijuana sales rather “If you are someone interested in the movement and want to meet nice, chill people, that’s what it’s about,” as founder Mitchem said.

The app was not always allowed globally, in fact, Apple and Google possessed the rule that it could only be downloaded in areas where marijuana was legal. They were convinced to support a global release.

High There! connects people by asking them what kind of marijuana they use and prefer.

You can chat with who you are connected with and invite friends to join in. The users swipe left or right to suggest a friendly or romantic interest, very similar to the social app Tinder

The App Store describe the app by writing, “You can use High Tere! to date, go out with new friends, or simply connect with people who are like you. As we say, ‘You’ve got more friends than you think.”

The app caught popularity in states like New York, California and Colorado. It had 41,000 downloads by its first six weeks and 6,000 active users. And on the apps biggest promised holiday promotion 4/20 celebrated by pot lovers all over the world they expected to gain many followers from the tourists who travel to Colorado where the product is legally celebrated. Yet this seemed to pose a problem when tourist who went back home to where the app is banned.

Mitchmen was not inspired to create the app because of his own use of cannabis. Rather back in 2009 his mom was diagnosed with cancer and her nurse suggested marijuana intake to help her on her second term of the sickness. He felt the controversy and many people’s negative opinions on marijuana stopped people from sharing their view on how the product can be a medicine. In attempts to change this he created his app.

High There does not support the illegal use or selling of marijuana. It deletes accounts that have pictures of the product as their profile photo. It also tells it users to suspend any users who are promoting doing anything illegal with marijuana. So this reasoning could be how Mitchem convinced Apple and Google to at least allow the app’s chat feature in all states and countries.

Netherlands, Spain, England and Australia all have a high demand for the app and are expected to attribute to the tens of thousand downloads during 4/20.

Mitchem is especially excited for the release in his home state Ohio where his mom used it to help her while she went through her ordeal of cancer.

Mitchem announces the growth of the app by the expansion his team and gaining partnerships with cannabis businesses who might offer the High There! community with discounts or special promotions.

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