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Apple’s WWDC Highlights

iOS 12 is revealed

In the 2018 World Wide Development Conference, CEO Tim Cook announced the latest and greatest upcoming developments to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

The conference centered around iOS 12, its next operating system, and the features it contains. Here are some more details on what’s to come for Apple consumers:

First, the operating system will feature new methods to track phone usage. Apple shareholders wrote to the tech firm a few months ago to express their concerns about phone addiction and its effect on mental health.

Cook heard their concerns, and in order to curb potential addiction, the new operating system will have a report of the device’s daily usage. A new setting called App Limits allows a user to allot certain amounts of time for different applications. In addition, the report will show which applications are sending the consumer the most notifications, and he/she can then adjust this number.

Secondly, iOS 12 will feature a rebuffed FaceTime, in which users can talk to up to 32 people at once. Video chats will no longer be two people; now users can chat with their entire family at once, face-to-face. This feature closes the gap on apps like Houseparty, GoToMeeting, or Skype, which have allowed this feature for years.

Thirdly, iPhone X users will now have Memojis, which are cartoon visual representations of the user. This animation can mimic your face and head movements, including a new tongue detection feature. This feature closes the gap between software firm Bitmoji, which allows a similar yet less accurate cartoon representation of users.

Additionally, for Mac users, the next operating system is Mojave. The new macOS will feature dark mode, changing the lighting from white to black and grey. It will also have a new function called Desktop Stacks, which organizes your desktop based on common features like file size or type. Finally, they will be adding more iOS apps to the Mac, such as Voice Memos and News.

The tech giant will also roll out a new privacy policy on Safari. The browser will not automatically remove the option to like, share, or comment on websites, which track users’ usage to feed them ads. Users can turn this feature on, but default settings will have this functionality turned off.

Finally, they unraveled some Apple Watch operating system updates. For example, the newest watchOS will have more exercise features, new watch-faces, and more general apps, such as the Apple Podcast app. Plus, for those who have always wanted to be a secret agent, there will now be a feature in which you can talk to others with an Apple Watch through a voice feature.

Although these updates are not monumental, they will be enough to hold off eager consumers for another year. Apple succeeds in rolling out new hardware and software at perfect intervals to keep consumers on their toes.


Featured image via Pixabay/Free-Photos

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