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‘Avoid Last Minute Gift Mail Delivery’, Warns the U.S Postal Service

mail delivery -image from pixabay by misskursovie2013
mail delivery -image from pixabay by misskursovie2013 mail delivery -image from pixabay by misskursovie2013

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Last year, at the peak of the pandemic, delivery orders super pass supply. Therefore, if you are waiting for the last week of the festive day to send mail gifts to family and friends, you might be unlucky. The U.S. postal office has released a report on the issue. Their spokesman talked about the large volume of packages with a shortage in labor, which will cause delays in delivery service.

Meanwhile, Chicago carriers have been overloading mail even at midnight to avoid late delivery. Some offices in various branches have fewer workers. Over the past few years, postal workers would prepare for a busy holiday before the first two weeks of December. Currently, according to the interview conducted, those workers have complained about the overload they might experience in the coming festive month. 

The National Association of Letters Carriers, Mack Julion talked to BBC about the issue. “We used to call the holiday season ‘our season’. This is where we stayed, head and shoulders above the rest. We’re going to leave it all out there and give it the best that we can.” In the past, mail delivery services were greatly in demand during the snow, rainy, and sunshine seasons. But since the pandemic struck, the number keeps on increasing.

Shoppers from all parts of the world are wrapping up their luggage. Some are booking online gifts in a large amount. Julion says he feels sorry for the customer because their delivery service fee might shoot only because of the pressure. 

Shortage of workers

The demand for workers has been higher than the supply since the pandemic started in the US. The postal Service office has also received the highest number of retirees this year. The communications director at Postal Union in New York Metro, Chuck Zlatkin, confessed about the negative effects of Covid-19. Even seasonal carriers have reduced in number. It’s only long-term workers who are still on their jobs. 

USPS mail delivery – image from pixabay by ArtisticOperations.jpg

What is the plan set to avoid this

Postal Service representative Martha Jonson told the NBC news that they are planning to hire more than 40,000 seasonal employees. In addition, they will install 112 packaging machines to increase mail processing. He talked about the worst conditions last year. People ordered many items online, but they ended up staying in the cold weather through December. Through that, the company learned a lot. They are trying their best to solve this problem early. Johnson has promised their customers that the condition will not be the same as last year. Also Read:

 UPS has clearly come out to advise people on early shopping. The company decided to hire around 60,000 employees, whom it will train for various positions. The media relations director at UPS, Jim Mayer said that the company would not terminate their contracts. In fact, they will keep them as permanent workers. They have to stay and take carriers as their next big thing. He proceeded, “We will get the packages delivered but don’t wait”. 

The final outcome depends on the customers

FedEx has also urged clients to wrap their gifts and send them early enough to avoid piling issues. It’s good when customers and the service providers work together to solve minor issues. The pandemic is also unpredictable, with the fourth wave seen to be spreading, a report by Reuters. A senior communication specialist, Joseph Miner urged the online shoppers to make their orders early. It’s good when the shipping packages activity starts before the last week until Christmas.  The flooding of mail delivery packages always leads to an increase in the shipping fee. At times customers become sad with this kind of situation, yet it is a festive season. Everyone is supposed to be happy. Such carriers must release a discount if one pays for more goods. But the reverse has become true because of pandemics.

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