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Best Accounting Software Providers in 2021

Accounting software
Accounting software - Image from Pixabay by 3844328 Accounting software - Image from Pixabay by 3844328
Accounting software
Accounting software - Image from Pixabay by 3844328 Accounting software - Image from Pixabay by 3844328

Reporting and invoicing are some of the most hectic activities for managers. You need to ensure there is no error while dealing with all complex calculations and documents. As the business expands, the complexity increases; hence you need the best accounting software to handle some tasks.

Transparent and cheap accounting software can save you a good deal of money and time. The number and size of the business will determine the type of accounting software to employ in your industry. The best accounting software will record payments, run reports, and follow up on past information. Here is the best accounting software that is affordable and easy to use.

FreshBooks Accounting Software

This is a small business accounting app that can fulfill all business needs. You can create invoices and send them to the respective people. Freshbooks offers a reliable accounting service at an affordable price. It is easy to maneuver along with the software as it is very interactive. It is ranked the best because the user has the mandate to change the outlook. The user can set reminders and also work on recurring invoices. Remember to automate payment reminders.

FreshBooks integrates with some banks to track time and manage some projects. Clients on the plan can pay their bills using the platform. Automatic reminders will avail when there are late payments of clients. Freshbooks alerts the host about any invoice account opened.

A double-entry feature reduces the mistakes—the automatic check embedded inside balances the debit and credit sides. Freshbook can integrate with more than 70 business software from a variety of vendors.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle accounting software has many automatic features. Be sure to manage all accounting requirements using a single dashboard. Any business with enterprise resource planning can make NetSuite their best accounting software.

It can tackle complex business problems. You can manage reports and taxes, make payments and run automation. While tackling international business, Oracle Netsuite can handle global sales. Accounting standards and financial reports are managed through a revenue recognition program. You can create and forecast budgets using the recorded data. The software has many ERP tools that can manage production and supply chains. The system compiles and outputs an accurate price. Payments are centralized with budgeting and planning features. 


Intuit QuickBooks Online

It’s a famous and popular software used by small businesses. It is affordable and easy to use. Furthermore, it integrates with other software to provide more services using one platform. You can connect your credit card processing to this accounting software to pay for the incoming sales.

It is easy to create professional invoices, track expenses, and accept payments. When you enroll in a higher plan, it is possible to do a batch transaction at one moment. Furthermore, there is a built-in default report that you only need to update. There is a trial balance and the ledger book that saves time. It allows you to email and runs reports. Feel free to schedule all activities to run at the specified time automatically. Most people say the software offers the best reports as compared to other means.

Intuit Quickbooks company has 24/7 customer care support. You can have a live chat or call them. The bookkeeping service is live where you find a professional bookkeeper.

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ZarMoney Accounting software

Harmony has transparent pricing, and there is no extra cost like other accounting software. When you open their website, the homepage has various plans of which, after paying, there are no additional costs that you will incur. Zarmoney is among the best accounting software because it integrates with almost 9600 banks across the world. So, if your business is dealing with different banks, this is the best option. The system can also send recurring invoices to suppliers or buyers.


Sage Accounting software

If you are working as a contractor or freelancer, then this is the best accounting software. It can ease your work. It allows the user to send an invoice and get paid on time. Users can track payments, send invoices and reconcile bank entries. Sage ran the report and forecasted the cash outflow and inflow. It posts receipts immediately after snapping them. Be sure to enjoy three months free trial and then start the payment plan.

The cheapest plan is $25 per month with an unlimited number of users. You can run reports at the same time, conduct the general analysis to observe trends. It is easy to cancel the payment plan if you are not interested. The platform is interactive and easy to navigate through. Setting up takes less than 5 minutes, and everything is okay. It easily integrates with some mobile apps like Avalara, Draycir, and AutoEntry.

There is 24/7 customer support. For that freelancer with no knowledge of accounting, they can be helpful. Reach them through live chat or audio call, and they will assist you. There is also an online session with accounting expertise where you get more experience about using the software.


If you hate bank transaction fees, here is the best accounting software for your business. It is beneficial in receiving and sending invoices. It’s effortless to integrate with Quickbooks and make payments. Furthermore, it manages bills and makes payments.


The software is very flexible as it expands when the business grows. It’s the best accounting software to start a business with. As your business enlarges, more feature comes up automatically. The software is capable of integrating with more than 700 applications to run all types of activities. There is total support from customer care through email or live chat.


It’s capable of running both offline and online, depending on the task being performed. Godaddy is widely known because of its capability to host websites and give domain names. But the company has gone ahead and created the best software for accounting. It integrates with eCommerce platforms like Amazon, PayPal, and Etsy. Godaddy can send and receive payments. It’s the best software for online merchants.

Furthermore, Godaddy Online Booking can create reports that allow you to make future decisions. Godaddy cannot handle complex transactions for large businesses.


It offers more than ten free accounting features in addition to the normal ones. Wave provides an unlimited accounting connection to send and receive payments.  It integrates with bank applications in real-time. Be sure to track all expenses automatically from the bank. The only disadvantage is that it’s limited when it comes to integration with many other applications.


It is mainly recommended for individuals with small businesses. There are various features that automatically perform the required tasks. It allows for the management of payments with approvals. A report is always generated from a central point where all data has been collected. Receiving and sending payments is automatic; this will save much of the business time.

Factors to consider before purchasing the best accounting software

The size of the business is the first factor to put into consideration. If your business is large, then it carries out complex transactions. Ensure you buy the best accounting software with more complex features that can handle many transactions. There are multiple choices like Wave, Melio, and more, which offer more features at a low price for small organizations.

Price is also an essential factor when it comes to accounting software. It’s always recommended to hire software that offers a long-term discount. By doing this, you reduce the number of expenses your business might incur. 

Automation is the best service for most modern accounting software. Consider accounting software that has most of its features automatically. It will save you time. In addition, automated software does not require hiring an accountant. In a situation where something goes array, contact the manufacturers.

Integration is another powerful feature when it comes to making the best choice. Good accounting software should be linked with another software mode to make it easy to complete some related calculations. The software should merge with PayPal, various banks, POS systems, payment processing, CRM software, etc. The integration will reduce the time spent teaching employees how to use a variety of software.

Mobile Application software

Currently, almost 60% of people have a smartphone. So, good accounting software should have a mobile application to offer service at any place. Covid-19 turned most of the office jobs into remote working. Thus, having a mobile application can help an employee to make updates in the case at any place. 

Companies in charge of that accounting software should be able to offer support at any time. It’s hectic when you bump into a bug that might affect all your programs, and there is no help. Many organizations offer free 24/7 customer support. You can reach them through email, audio call, or video chat. Some end up holding meetings to teach their clients how to operate some features.

Always look at the reviews to learn more about the software before purchasing them. Excellent time as we share more about ways to solve business problems


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