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Boeing Deal Sees $16.6 Billion From Iran

It’s 2016 and $16.6 billion dollars is chump change, right? Before discounts, this is what the Islamic Republic just paid Boeing Co for 80 jetliners. Maybe you’re thinking “80 jetliners?!?” Or perhaps you’re more sophisticated and you’re saying to yourself “I didn’t think transactions of that scale were allowed between the U.S. and Iran” or maybe you’re still just thinking that simply “that’s a lot of money!” Regardless, continue reading—you might learn something.

If you go to the United Nation’s website, you can read about Resolution 1696, where you can read: legislation that placed economic and diplomatic sanctions on Iran because the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was unable to determine the nature of Iran’s atomic endeavors. However, in January of this year, that ban was lifted when Iran agreed to fully disclose their nuclear activity and comply with the regulations implemented by the United Nations. Oh and we can’t forget the exchange of prisoners.

So what now? Naturally, Iran springs to purchase 80 jetliners from Boeing Co, which is the biggest purchase since the ban has been lifted, and the first major transaction between the United States and The Islamic republic under a looming new POTUS. Ironic isn’t it? Iran’s transport minister says the deal will help revamp the country’s aviation fleet that has been handicapped by years of sanctions.

The president-elect spent much of his campaign staunchly protesting close ties with the Islamic Republic, and expressed uncertainty when asked about the future of doing business with Iran. However, Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced on Wednesday, December 6th that the company is in agreement with Iran to explore future business ventures.

Will all of these ties cause Trump to have a change of heart?

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