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Brazil Supreme Court judge opens inquiry into Musk

Brazil Supreme Court judge opens
Brazil Supreme Court judge opens

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Brazil Supreme Court judge opens: Elon Musk’s decision to reactivate his accounts on social media platform X (previously Twitter) despite a judge’s earlier order to disable them has prompted an investigation into the billionaire by a justice of Brazil’s Supreme Court.

On the platform, Musk made the claim that the limits were lifted because the court ruling was illegal. In addition, he strongly suggested that Justice Alexandre de Moraes step down or be impeached.

If X does not follow the court’s order, he can be fined 100,000 reais ($19,774; £15,670) every day.

Justice Moraes said in his decision that Musk was leading an effort to discredit the Supreme Court. It is worth mentioning that the platform’s Global Government Affairs team chose not to reveal which accounts were affected by the instruction.

Musk, however, later said that X would reveal all of the material that Moraes had requested and would point out how his demands were illegal in Brazil.

Prosecutors believe the accused profiles have ties to far-right groups that shared materials linked to the events that occurred on January 8 of last year. The Brazilian Congress, Supreme Court, and presidential palace were all overrun by thousands of Bolsonaro supporters during the protests.

Because of his rulings that limited access to certain social media sites in the nation, Justice Moraes rose to national attention. He is also looking into allegations that Mr. Bolsonaro and his followers plotted a coup d’état.

The former president shared a video of his discussion with Elon Musk from May 2022. On top of that, Mr. Bolsonaro summoned his followers to a rally on April 21.

Brazilian Minister of Communication Paulo Pimenta also spoke out against Musk’s behavior, saying, “social networks are not a lawless land.” He emphasized that the country will always stand by its laws, regardless of how wealthy or powerful someone is.

Bruna Santos, global campaigns manager at the nonprofit organization Digital Action, has stated that the platform might be temporarily suspended if X chooses to disregard the court’s decision. She voiced her concerns about the possible blockage of X and said, “Musk’s actions were a deliberate provocation against the Brazilian judiciary.”

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