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Business You Could Start with less than $100 and Little Skills

start a business with small money
Image by <a href=" Image by <a href="">Nattanan Kanchanaprat</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
start a business with small money
Image by <a href=" Image by <a href="">Nattanan Kanchanaprat</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

There is a growing dependency of youths on the government hoping to land government jobs or perhaps in the private sector to no avail. The efforts invested into keeping the unemployment rate in check is hand-breaking so, I’d suggest you help the government and yourself out by starting a business of your own.
Are you worrying about capital? You don’t have to. There are endless lists of business ideas that are laid out for you, even with the most insignificant skill sets. These are businesses you can start with less than $100.

Cleaning Services:

You don’t have to be an expert to handle this task. You only need to have an eye for a cleaner environment. What do you need to start this business? Not much! Just a few hand towels, napkins, cleaning solutions for windows, glasses, wooden surfaces, and multi-surface cleaners. That should be a lot less than $100, and you are good to go. This will require a little bit of exposure for prospective customers to notice what you are offering.


Senior’s Home Companion:

In the United and States and many developed and developing countries in the world, seniors need home companions. Most of these seniors have children who are too busy to give mama and papa some attention so; they are willing to part ways with a few bucks to have someone stay with their parents for just a few hours each day. What do you do as a senior home companion? Not so much, I’d say. You help them organize their meds just as the health experts have instructed and get food into places that they can easily access them and small tasks like that. It requires only a few hours daily.


Image by Free-Photos


Do you have good handwriting that is catchy enough to win people’s attention and admiration? You don’t have to waste that skill. You can offer to handle calligraphic jobs for customers. Help them draft handwritten letters, memos, and other stuff. Even some logo designers need an excellent calligrapher, and they are willing to pay well.


Grocery Delivery and Errand Services

Well, this one here is an easy pick on the money. Most house owners have too tight schedules, and they’d be glad to have someone bring the groceries to their apartment or help them get something fixed with feedback. Get in there, provide value and make a living; it turns out to be a lucrative business with so little worries.

trading used books

Image by Free-Photos

Trading Used Books:

People seldom read one book twice. Nobody reads the same book four times. Most of them want to get rid of these books, but they can’t burn them because they are book lovers, but they will be willing to take a few bucks from people who show interest in getting those books. They can even give most of them to you for free, and you can sell them to other people who need them at a price higher than it cost you. Some cool profit, yeah!



Are you a well vast in an area that you know people would like to learn? Then you can offer to teach them what you know for a few bucks from each student. You don’t have to be an expert in trigonometry; it could be teaching people how to speak a language that happens to be your first language. There are many African-American parents today who pay to have their kids being taught African mother tongues. It doesn’t matter what you know, as far as someone is willing to learn it; you have a business opportunity there.

Selling Information:

If you know a lot about something, let’s say cooking Thai foods, you can write a cookbook and you have your money tunnel in there. It could be anything you are good at; it doesn’t have to be deep Machine Learning algorithms. It will take some time and dedication to pull the information together, that’s all it costs.


Agency and Referral Services:

This one is a great hit. You don’t need any crucial skill to get this going, all you need is to know someone who needs a service and know someone who can render it. You connect them and make some pinch off the top. For example, someone needs a website designed; you can take the job, contact a website designer to take care of it under your supervision for a price lower than the quote you gave to the owner. That’s it; business it up and rolling.

social media manager

Image by Thomas Ulrich

Social Community/Social Media Manager:

This one is simple, all you need to do is ensure that conversations are flowing healthily on a social media community and the goals and purpose of the social community, page, group, or business is pursued. You make sure that contents are posted on social media platforms. Most times, you don’t have to create the content, but you can if you want a little icing on the cake.



Well, this particular business market is growing daily, and you can tap into it too, if you have any skill to offer to businesses and individuals without concrete commitment. There are various freelance platforms that you can start selling your skills, including,, Elance, Guru,, to name a few.

domain sales

Image by Jireh Gibson

Domain Name Selling:

Yes, you read it right. People buy domain names and sell them to businesses that need them. Some companies are obsessed with a name that they don’t want an alternative but unfortunately, someone else registered that name, and now they are running to you with cash in their hands. This is a great business because you can buy a domain for just $10 and sell it for as much as $1,000 depending on the buyer and the business.



Flipping Websites:

There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet which their owners have given up on because they couldn’t manage them anymore. They will be delighted to know that someone is interested in it and would sell it to you for a negligible price. All you need to do is pimp the website, make it better, and sell it to other persons or businesses that need a website.

blogging on wordpress

Image by Werner Moser


This one is no news to anybody. You can start a blog with less than $100, create engaging posts, grow your readership, and sell ads. Many bloggers are turning over huge regularly from selling advertisements on their blog sites and even readers’ membership subscriptions.



Selling Eggs:

There is an endless demand for eggs in every country; there are never enough eggs to go round. So, you will make a lot of money getting the eggs from the farms at low prices and then taking them uptown to sell to people, households and even businesses that need eggs to stay in business at a profitable rate. It’s fast-moving and cool.

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