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Canada Condemns Israeli Strike on Gaza Aid Workers, Urges Full Investigation


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On April 2nd, Canada unequivocally Condemns an Israeli airstrike that tragically claimed the lives of seven aid workers in Gaza, one of whom was a Canadian citizen. The strike, carried out by the Israeli military (IDF), targeted individuals affiliated with the World Central Kitchen group, an organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid in crisis zones. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the incident, describing it as unintended and expressing regret over the loss of life.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly issued a strong statement condemning the strike and demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. She expressed horror at the loss of life, particularly that of a Canadian citizen, and emphasized Canada’s expectation of full accountability for the killings. Joly underscored the unacceptable nature of strikes on humanitarian personnel and pledged to convey Canada’s concerns directly to the Israeli government.

These remarks from Joly mark one of the most severe rebukes Canada has directed toward Israel since the onset of the Gaza conflict. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while affirming Israel’s right to self-defense, has adopted a more critical stance as the Palestinian death toll continues to rise. Notably, Canada announced last month that it had halted the approval of new arms export permits to Israel since January 8th. This freeze will persist until Ottawa can ensure that any weapons exported to Israel are used in accordance with Canadian law and international humanitarian standards.

Canada’s condemnation of the Israeli airstrike underscores its commitment to upholding humanitarian principles and advocating for accountability in conflict zones. As the international community grapples with the ongoing crisis in Gaza, Canada’s stance signals its determination to prioritize the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers amidst escalating violence.

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