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Carlos Slim, Current Net Worth in 2021

Carlos slim
Carlos slim - Image from Facebook Carlos slim - Image from Facebook
Carlos slim
Carlos slim - Image from Facebook Carlos slim - Image from Facebook

Carlos Slim is the owner of Grupo Carso. He is a businessman, an entrepreneur, an investor, an engineer as well as a philanthropist.

Early Childhood Life

He was born in 1944 in Mexico. A son to Julian Slim and Linda. He started a business while still young. He’s learned many business staffs from his father. He used to follow him on many occasions only to engage in business talks. By bad luck, his father died while he was still young, 14years. But he had benefitted a great deal from that wise man.

Young Carlos Slim before school

At 11, he had already invested in government bonds. The idea of compound interest then developed in his mind. He absorbed the system of investments. Slim purchased his first complete stock at the age of 12 years. He bought shares from the Mexican Bank of which he became a shareholder. Carlos was only 14 years old but he had a lump sum of money.


Slim joined the National Autonomous University in Mexico where he studied civil engineering. He graduated but wasn’t into the engineering field. He had an interest in economics. While at university, he taught himself linear algebra and linear programming, the co-foundation in the finance industry.
Immediately after graduating, he shifted to take a course in economics.

Carlos Slim with Grupo Carso

He joined stock trading where he worked 14 hours a shift daily. His amount accumulated to $400,000 which was good enough to start a business. He started his own-broker investor Bursatil. He bought a general company, Grupo Carso, that was dealing with many things in 1965.

By the time 1966 arrived the company was making $40 million profit. That was a great step in his life where he thought to expand the business. Grupo Carson now deals with the mining industry, printing materials, production of soft drinks, etc. He then increased to auto parts and airline chemicals in the following years. Any profits attained in the business would go directly to investments.

Carlos slim with friends

Carlos slim on left, with Miguel and Rincón- Image from Facebook

He started seven other unique businesses in 1972. The addition was to make Grupo Carso the greatest collection company for any goods and services. Currently, he cannot tell the number of companies he owns.
From 2010 to 2013, he consecutively held the richest person in the world. They competed with Bill Gates, who came to overtake him in 2014. They are very good friends with Bill Gate, birds of the same feathers. He was the first Mexican to be crowned the honor of the richest man in the whole world.

Net Worth

Carlos receives a salary of $17,900,000,000 per year. His net worth according to Forbes is $67.9 billion. He has given away the tasks of taking care of the business to his three sons. He now concentrates on charity work.

Furthermore, he has stayed in the same house for 40 years and has no plans to move to a bigger one. He believes if an individual has a big house, he might miss seeing his family members. The house is located three miles away from the land he grew up on.

Carlos Slim has a great impact on the economy of Mexico. Almost every person in Mexico has funded the man while buying certain products. All of his companies account for 40% of the total products in Mexico. He owns 70% of the cell phone market in the country.

Slim has a great relationship with the New York town. He once gave out a loan of $250 million to modernize the New York Times. The businessman also bought an apartment in New York City, the most expensive house to be ever bought in the USA.

Personal Life

He met his wife, Soumaya Domit while 24 years old, whom they got engaged to and married two years later. Carlos Slim has 6 sons: Soumaya, Marco Antonio, Vanessa, and Johanna,Carlos, Patrick. They stayed together for a long time until death separated them.

Carlos insists on driving himself to various places including his offices. But to be on the secure part, he will ask his bodyguard to accompany him. He loves playing baseball. Despite being in the fun of the game, he says he can’t mix sports with serious business hence can not buy a baseball club.
He is among the twelve tycoons who lost one billion in 2015. This was a moment in August when the stock market was affected drastically. The man owns some technology companies by which he rarely uses a computer. He doesn’t send emails and most of his writing is done in a notebook.

Carlos Slim as a Philanthropist

He has charity foundations known as the ‘Carlos Slim Foundation’. Through the organization, he has managed to donate over 100,000 computers to public schools. The tycoon supports several children’s homes and poor families in Mexico. His charitable donations add up to over billions of dollars.


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