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Charitable Organizations to Accept NFTs and crypto donations

crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque
crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque
crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque
crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque crypto donations-image from pixabay by HeatherPaque

Recently, philanthropists have engaged in the tech revolution to offer what they can. Many are investing in NFT’s artwork and entertainment for innovative charitable organizations. Other earliest backers and crypto society are finding their way into those boards.

Givimi, on February 2021, came out to announce “Giving Back with Crypto” by donating about 3000 non-profits. This is a cryptocurrency company that is being owned by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They vowed to release the fund’s in three consecutive years in a special platform called “The Giving Block”. The site has a section where it brings together all philanthropists who can give through crypto means. Gemini wallet holders can offer a percentage of their profiles to charitable organizations.

The Giving Block has been the best way to partner with many crypto tycoons. Hundreds of people exchange charities to reduce the burden. The tax involved and logistics are not far from the stock donations.

The largest and first non-profit organization to donate cryptocurrency was the United Way. They accepted bitcoins from 2014. The vice president, Edwin Goutier, told CNBC that they saw a growing potential for individuals. People were passionate about giving it away through crypto means.

How about donating NTFS?

Edwin confirmed a rise in NFTs. One popular name that sold their NFT is Jack Dorsey. He went ahead to donate the amount to charitable organizations. The Winklevi are at the forefront to integrate NFT to be part of giving. On their 13th anniversary, they decided to phrase 100 lines on CNN billboard, where each was sold as an NFT artwork.

Patrick McLaren said that crypto donations made by crypto are similar to physical products. The NFT is just a subsection of crypto DNA. He proceeded “I recall when the blockchain industry was just becoming an industry, and it was all happening very, very quickly. It always struck me how much people wanted to give back.”

Bill Tai, a venture capitalist in crypto, said that he had seen the opportunity of NFT early. The tycoon has many investment shares with tweeters, Tweetdeck backers, and Zoom. He once commissioned a stock that turned out to be the first NFT for charitable organizations. Honu Kitty also sold NFT art similar to turtle at $25000.

Tai decided to set up Metagood, which is an NFT marketplace for making donations. Other investors in the company include Richard Branson’s children Holly, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Charlie Lee. It’s one of the top NFT projects, launched in 2021.

However, those charitable platforms come up when the owners make good money. There are some essential benefits that those investors reap through those organizations. Tai had this to say. “Any time you have a community of interest, you can create commerce and a currency,”

The view of charity organizations on Blockchain

These NFT charitable organizations are seeking more crypto donations to expand their blockchain technology. They have attracted popular names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Kings of Leon, and Steve Aoki. Other nonprofit organizations have termed NFT as a secondary and tertiary market for donations.

The polygon blockchain is also hitting the market. Recently, DoinGud gave artists the mandate to decide which percentage of the token to invest in charity. The platform allows for over 5% in the primary market and the rest are served in the secondary market. Only 2.5% serves as a nation in the secondary market.

Goutier came out clear to say that they agreed to collaborate with DoinGud because the NFT looks like traditional art. He proceeded, “We’ll have the opportunity to receive a portion of secondary market sales,”.

Over the past few months, the price of NFT has increased. So on every transaction, there are some benefits. Both cultural and monetary serve as the benefits. Goutier says that it’s a sustainable crypto donations plan.

United Way has been doing crypto transactions for almost 7 years without any issues. Only $3.8 billion get raised yearly which is estimated to be 1%. NFT is expected to rise past that amount.

Annually, on 7th December, the Giving block will be hosting an auction to benefit nonprofit health workers across the world. It will become one of the biggest NFT auctions to ever happen.


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