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Could Trump End Potential Trade with Cuba?

After we cut all ties with Cuba in 1961, President Obama decided in July 2015 that it was time for the United States to stop giving Cuba the silent treatment. Since then, Cuba and the Obama administration have been working on agreements between the two countries. However, what Cuba fears is that all the hard work they and the Obama administration have put into these agreements will be for nothing when President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January.

Many business owners in Cuba have asked Trump not to end the relationship that Cuba has established with the U.S. through the Obama Administration. Trump says that unless Havana can offer the U.S. a “better deal” the entire agreement with Cuba will be discontinued.

With that in mind, Cuba has developed twelve agreements with the U.S. and hopes that they can get President Obama to sign them before he leaves office. Cuban Foreign Ministry Director of the US says, “At the moment we are negotiating 12 more (agreements) with the aim to be able to conclude and sign a majority of them.”

Trump believes the Obama administration is allowing Cuba to have too much leverage in these negotiations. However, Cuba feels that trade between the two countries will bring many mutual benefits while respecting both party’s beliefs and principals.

Donald Trump tweeted that, “If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the US as a whole, I will terminate deal.”

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