Custom Earbud Startup Raises $250,000 on Kickstarter

  • Ben Feinstein
  • August 6, 2014
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via facebook/ownphones

Everyone knows the pain of listening to music through earbuds. They are uncomfortable to wear and always seem to fall out. That is why the creators of OwnPhones think they have a hit on their hands by 3D printing custom-made earbuds. The wearer’s ear is scanned by an app that is downloaded onto their smartphone, and then that image is sent back to OwnPhone headquarters. From there, the wearer’s custom-made earbuds are printed and shipped.

via yahoo

via yahoo

The idea of custom earbuds is not new. What is new is the convience. Custom earbuds are expensive and require visits to the audiologist, but this business plan allows customers to skip a visit to the doctor to get a mold taken. They can pre-order a pair through the company’s Kickstarter campaign for $150.

That price is for the most basic models, which come in a solid color. From there, customers can choose to pay more to add designs, including different materials. Another startup company with the same idea, Normal, offers its 3D-printed earphones for $199, which includes customized color and cord-length options.


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via yahoo

via yahoo


There is even something for those looking to go high-tech. OwnPhones allow users to choose what kind of environmental sounds to eliminate by selecting their preferences through the app. It is so precise that it can differentiate between what a doorbell sounds like and how a ring tone does.

The startup has already raised $250,000 on Kickstarter. According to Yahoo! Tech, the creators said they hope the product will a five-to-six-hour battery life, as well as a microphone to allow for phone calls. The sound is supposedly fantastic, and OwnPhones should be one of the most comfortable pair of earbuds to ever be worn. The idea really is music to the ears.


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