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Dattch: First Dating App for Lesbians

via techcitynews via techcitynews
via techcitynews via techcitynews

A dating app designed particularly for lesbian women has been released. The app has recently launched in the U.S., in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, and then in New York City on June 19. The app plans to launch in Australia soon and was initially released in the U.K. in Sept. 2013. In the U.S., over four million women identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual, so for this large demographic, such an app is something to rejoice over.

The app is called “Dattch” and it is completely different than any other app made for gay men or heterosexuals. The name Dattch was created from a mix of the words “date” and “catch.” Robyn Exton, Dattch founder and CEO, discussed the unique qualities of her new creation with ReadWrite, saying “You can’t just take Grindr and make it pink and give it to women and say ‘Ta da!’ It’s a completely different experience and product—and I think no one seems to have taken the time to do it yet.”

Dattch is made by women for women. The app also provides a screening process upon entry to ensure no male frauds sign up.

“Women who are only interested in dating other women have a tough time finding a place to connect online without being hounded by horny guys,” Exton said about the necessity for making the app exclusively female. “The worst is if you’re bisexual. Then all you get is messages from men about having a threesome.”

Dattch screens users by requiring them to send either a message from their Facebook account or provide a phone number so that the app can call to verify their gender.

Dattch users can upload any amount of pictures with as much information about themselves as they would like. Unlike on Tinder and Grindr, women are able to put all sorts of personal information, such as hobbies and interests, on their page. Users are asked fairly personal, but light-hearted questions when making their profiles, such as “What superpower would you have?”

The layout of the profiles are similar in appearance to Pinterest. They contain a board of everything a woman wishes to exhibit about herself through images.  In addition, rather than showing interest through a “like” button, Dattch users play the game “would you rather” so that they do not have to approach a woman all on their own. When two women have been matched, Dattch will additionally provide the women with an appropriate prompt for opening a discussion.

Dattch is available for download through Apple’s App Store as well as Google-powered Android phones. The app is free to use, however Dattch is working on premium services that charge a monthly membership fee. With this fee-based membership, other services will also be available, such as filters by sexual preferences.




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