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Delicious Releases “Dmail” and will Destory Emails After Sending Them

Dmail, a self-destructing email extension, will destroy you’re a sent email after a period of time.

Gmail first had their undo button for their emails, in the event that you sent an email that you might not have intended to, Dmail allows for the email to be sent, but keeps the access to the email limited.

Dmail is a product of Delicious which is a service that helps to bookmark links and build up your own search engine based around the links that you’ve collected.

Former MySpace President Mike Jones bought the company in 2014.

Jones told Tech Crunch,

“I love the idea of giving someone access to a PDF file or document and then be able to revoke viewing access. We might have a sensitive financial file or investor deck that we really just want to open once and then revoke the access, and there’s no simple way to do it.”

The extension is called “Dmail” and is separate from Gmail, but is meant to be used with their emails. Some of the features that comes along with this is that users can prevent uses from accessing the email even after it’s sent, you can secure the message with an encryption and it disables users from forwarding the email.

According to Tech Crunch,

“Dmails are encrypted using a standard 256-bit encryption algorithm, the company says. When a user sends a Dmail, the body of that email is encrypted locally on the user’s machine, explains Eric Kuhn, who lead the product on Dmail.”

There is a chrome extension readily available to download when you go to “”.

According to Dmail,

“Dmail messages can be securely sent to anyone regardless of whether they have Dmail. But don’t worry, only the intended recipient will be able to read your message.”

Dmail comes in four different versions. Right now the beta version is only available, it doesn’t require you to have an account, you can use the features on an unlimited amount of emails and people you send it to

Not much has been explained about the other three versions, but they are “individual”, “startup” and “enterprise”.

It is implied that some of the higher up services may cost money, but the basic form of the platform is intended to be free and available for all users. It is unclear what features will be available in the higher up services, or what will be available for the free service. For now, users can enjoy all the features in the tester version.

This is the first time it’s been released to the public since the first idea was created, and after it had gone through private testing amongst the company and users of Delicious.

Once your email is ready to send, you can go down to the “destroy” feature. The options then are “never”, “in 1 hour”, “in 1 day” and “in 1 week”. You also have the option to send it as a regular email, or send it specifically using the Dmail feature.

According to Tech Crunch, “After a sender revokes an email, recipients with the extension installed will see a message that reads: ‘this message has been destroyed and is no longer available.’ Those without the extension can still go into the email and click on the “view message” button, but they’ll then see a similar ‘Message Unavailable’ note on the resulting web view.”

The official launch of the application is set for August, and there is talks of expanding it to other email applications.

The reviews online from 10 of the 1,326 users that Dmail has have ranged from five to one star.

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