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Fashion Designer Hakuyo Miya Combines Japanese and French Aspects in MOUTON BLANC Brand

Hakuyo Miya is an extremely interesting designer, to say the least. Born and raised in Japan, Hakuyo Miya went on to further his fashion education by studying at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris, which lead to a distinctly French flair to his designs. Not one to be a black sheep, Hakuya Miya and his brand MOUTON BLANC (French for white sheep) have a goal of making a true difference in the fashion world; by bringing together vastly different styles, you get something wholly unique, but still celebrates those very different cultures and inspirations! In the case of MOUTON BLANC, Miya melds Japanese sensibilities with avant-garde French influences.

Hakuyo Miya, “Mouton Blanc”, in Paris, France, September 11 2014. © Lucien Lung / Riva Press

What makes MOUTON BLANC’s designs different and worthy of a deep look are the ever-present “real world” and “fantasy style” aspects that are woven into every piece, which make for something truly unique. Self-described as a “perfect combination of beautiful and fantasy,” and anyone who lays eyes on the work of Hakuyo Miya will have a hard time debating that.

Miya’s fiery designs combine color, texture, as well as culture into beautiful and elegant pieces, and has previously gained recognition in the North American fashion industry with a debut New York Fashion Week showcase at a CAAFD (the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) sponsored showcase for the Fall/Winter 18 season. The debut NYFW showing was such a success that CAAFD has asked Miya and MOUTON BLANC to return for the upcoming Spring/Summer 19 NYFW showcase, which can be seen this upcoming September.

Hakuyo Miya’s designs are known for their innovative lines and cuts as well as having an aspect of modernism throughout the collections, but beyond the outward beauty of MOUTON BLANC’s pieces, what is truly remarkable is what the brand represents for the fashion community. Japanese and French influences have a long history of intermingling, and its time a fashion brand came to the forefront, and you will find no better example of that than Hakuyo Miya and his brand MOUTON BLANC!

Not a black sheep, indeed…

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