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So Good, It’ll Make Your Eyes Bleed

LG setup shop in a second floor studio in the Flatiron District(NYC) for a presentation and demo of their OLED displays. Media and executives congregated in a small showroom with four TVs; two LG, two Samsung.

A brief presentation at the start of the event showcased the progression of LG TVs and its current state. Making comparisons between standard LED and OLED, the LG executive emphasized the importance of OLED technology in TV’s future. The presentation touched up on the progress they were making in regards to releasing newer and larger models.


The difference between standard LED and OLED were pretty obvious. LG’s OLED displayed richer colors with increased vibrancy and saturation. Objects on display seemed sharper and more life-like than the, soon to be antiquated, LED displays. A LG rep even held up a real strawberry to give a better comparison with the one on the screen. On the Samsung side, the colors were flat with a good amount of glare. The LG displays fared well in direct sunlight and against the overhead lights.

To show the difference between the curved OLED TV’s field of view to a standard LED, triangular mats were placed in front of each display symbolizing the field of view.

It would have been better to see a side-by-side comparison with Samsung’s curved OLED displays. But, we had to settle for their LED lineup. Regardless, in terms of picture quality, design, weight and more importantly price, LG was the clear winner.


The retail prices for Samsung’s OLED displays are at least two-times more expensive. Coming in at just over $3,000, the LG OLED displays are quite a bargain over their Samsung counterparts.



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