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  • E-cigarette company Juul is being investigated for addicting kids

E-cigarette company Juul is being investigated for addicting kids

  • Ben Norman
  • July 25, 2018
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Featured image via Flickr/Vaping360

Juul problems

Massachusetts is investigating e-cigarette company Juul Labs for its potential targeting of kids and blatantly addicting them to nicotine.

Juul Labs controls over 66 percent of the e-cigarette market, and a significant portion of this figure comes from teenagers. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey believes that Juul is focusing their marketing and sales strategies specifically on underage kids so that they will be addicted to nicotine and buy their products for a long time.

E-cigarettes are primarily used to wane smokers off of cigarettes, but Healey argues that this is not Juul’s intention at all. She believes that the company wants to get teenagers to start vaping, making them addicted to nicotine.

When teens start smoking at a young age, it can significantly harm their brain chemistry and lead them to lifelong health problems. Other people have even filed lawsuits against the company for its targeting of minors.

In fact, Healey has even met with high schools and requested that they add curriculum on e-cigarettes and the harm they can bring to youth. Many kids think that they are harmless because they aren’t cigarettes, but they can affect children just the same. Plus, flavors like mint, fruit medley, and mango appeal to teens because they taste better than a cigarette.

Juul executives have claimed that they want to stop children from buying their product and smoking nicotine, but Healey disagrees. They may need to act quickly and prove their innocence to avoid a massive lawsuit.


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