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Ex-Andelan Startup, Eden Makes Life Better In Cities

garderner machine Eden service- Image from pixabay by Skitterphoto
garderner machine Eden service- Image from pixabay by Skitterphoto garderner machine Eden service- Image from pixabay by Skitterphoto

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Lagos is one of the populated African cities with a total of over 20 million people. Such a region is prone to issues like traffic jams, both in the morning and rush hours. It’s difficult to live a comfortable life while working in the CBD. Managing home chores and work becomes tiresome. This is where Eden comes to the rescue.

The Eden application helps busy people working in the city run their homes. It is automatic for modeling and eliminating some tedium, poor services, and chores for busy professions. You just pay a monthly subscription and focus on your work, home services will be provided.


A software engineer, Nadayer Enegesi transferred from Toronto, to go back to his home country to co-found Andela. That was in 2014. Andela is an African tech startup in collaboration with google which sharpens Africa’s programming talents. They specialize in building complex software, hence members gain much experience from it.

While having an interview with Techpoint, Enegesi had a lot to say.“In my five years of living here, it always bothered me that life in Lagos was suboptimal and I vowed to do something about it,”

Together with his friends, Enegesi got involved in much research. They wanted to bring a sustainable city using technology. By doing this, they knew it would have a positive impact on society. For the government to decide and come up with solutions, it will cost a lot of billions.

Enegesi said he opted to build something that could provide solutions to busy professionals. That was when Eden’s idea came up.
In 2019, he left Andela to work on some personal projects. During the pandemic, together with the other two ex-Andelas, they decided to work on the Eden project. Prosper Otemuyiwa, Enegesi, and Sil Momoh worked on it as their full-time jobs. Furthermore, we have other 13 Andelans who contributed indirectly to the success of the application.

Who should use Eden?

Eden mainly focuses on those people who are busy with their daily work. You just download the application from the Google or Apple Store. Then you choose your plan. The amount ranges from $63.5 to $237.4 depending on the amount of work at home. The startup has many trusted gardeners. After payment, a gardener gets appointed to perform home chores.

The gardener will work on essential service and home chores. From electronic servicing, cleaning, laundry, maintenance to groceries, and meals. However, the amount of work to be completed will depend on the plan selected.

The company describes their application as a household chore on autopilot. It’s a human-powered tech link that helps people focus on their main job in offices. The company has collaborated with other service providers across the country to ensure the company is working 24/7.

Problems they experience

Enegesi proceeds, “We don’t work directly with artisans as there is usually no professionalism. So we use very strict selection criteria and check for things like reference, certification and industry level compliance, liability insurance in case there is damage in the client’s house, and capacity to manage jobs,”

Although there is competition with some minor companies, Eden is special. Their quality assurance process is trusted.
In the beginning, the CEO feared the challenges of logistics. But with technology, you can do a lot of things. For the first two weeks under development, they created an algorithm to take care of logistics. They knew how important it was, a report by techpoint.

Easier team work

The building process was easier because all of them were experienced engineers. Although they built the application within 3 months, convincing people became another job. You have to walk through as you educate the users on how the app works. Enegesi said other tech people thought they were working under an IoT company. But currently, people have accepted and trusted Eden.

The CEO said they want to expand the business across all the cities in the world. The other main goal is to make a better and easier life for everyone. But first, they have to focus on African countries before moving outside their content.


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