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Expectations for the Next iPad

via Apple via Apple
via Apple via Apple

Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2 is slated for release in October, and the rumors are flying about its new features. More power is a priority when a new string of tech is released. Apple will answer the call with its new 64-bit A8 processor, which is the same one that’s in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. An additional 1 GM of RAM is another distinct possibility, which can prove to be a lifeline when multitasking.

The last iPad was .75mm thick, and the new version will be even thinner. iPhones and iPads have gotten thinner with every release. Although the skinnier profile makes for a sleeker look and lighter device, battery life can suffer. A major plus on the upcoming iPad’s side is that it battery is 50% more efficient than last year’s A7 chip.

The newest iPad Air will run using iOS 8. As a result, several production-enhancing abilities are featured, like Handoff, a feature which enables users to link their iPads to their iMacs or Macbook computers. When editing a document, you can smoothly transition to the desktop to continue your work, and vice versa.

The Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner will make its way to the freshest version of the iPad Air. Very much as it does with the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, it allows users to quickly unlock the device by pressing the home button, thereby eliminating the need for screen passwords. And with iOS8, your Touch ID can be made necessary for individual apps as well. If you want exclusive access to your finance app, for instance, your fingerprint can now be used to restrict access. Although the device that houses 12.9 display has been tentatively named the iPad Pro, it may not launch until some point in 2015, if all goes well.




Featured image:  Apple

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