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Following OpenAI’s accusation of voice misuse, Scarlett Johansson’s union has rallied behind her.

image credit:Imdb image credit:Imdb
image credit:Imdb image credit:Imdb

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SAG-AFTRA, an influential organization that represents artists in the television, radio, film, commercial, and gaming industries, stood by Scarlett Johansson on Tuesday after she expressed concerns about a new OpenAI system’s voice feature sounding “eerily similar” to hers.
The newest artificial intelligence model from OpenAI, GPT-4o, debuted “Sky” last week as an audio-interacting persona.

On Monday, Johansson revealed that she had previously declined the company’s request to voice the system. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, came clean about the voice being that of another professional actress and announced that he was removing Sky’s voice from all of OpenAI’s products.
All of us at SAG-AFTRA greatly appreciate Ms. Johansson’s position on this issue. Her worries are valid, and SAG-AFTRA fully supports her right to know the identity of every speaker in a scene.

Photo: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

SAG-AFTRA, which represents 160,000 entertainment and media workers worldwide, vigorously pushed for these changes, and Hollywood studios eventually agreed to pay actors more and shield them from AI usage.
The battle over actors’ likenesses and voices has taken center stage as Hollywood studios consider using artificial intelligence to create new entertainment. This becomes more urgent as audible and visual differences between computer-generated and natural sounds disappear.
Here are the most important stories from the AI revolution this week. A Hollywood star has gotten into trouble with OpenAI.

“To enshrine transparent and resilient protections for all of us,” SAG-AFTRA stated, adding that it will keep working with OpenAI and other interested parties. The organization is “strongly championing federal legislation that would protect their voices and likenesses.”

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