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French Military Trains Eagles For Drone Destruction

The French military is training eagles to destroy terrorist drones. Under the supervision of the French military, four eagle chicks were hatched atop drones. The chicks training began atop the back of its adversary.

The four baby eagles were named d’Artagnan, Parthos, Aramis, and Athos which are names from “The Three Musketeers.” As the four grew, they spent their time chasing the drones during the summer pecking at the device. In reward for actions against the drone, they were given meat which was eaten off the back of the drones.

This month symbolized that the eagles were prepared and this first test was performed. d’Artagnan was launched from a French military tower. The eagle could cover 200 meters in just 20 seconds. The bird took drone it was prompted to attack, bringing the wrecked machine to the ground.

The French military is more than optimistic about the results the eagles are producing. The French air force commander commented that “The eagles are making good progress.”

The eagle project would be greatly beneficial in incidents like what happened just a few weeks earlier. Iraqi soldiers shot into the sky as drones dropped bombs from above. It seems that as technology begins to advance, terrorists are beginning to modify drones in ways that allow them to use the toys as weapons or spying devices.

Yet when it come to the French themselves, they have their own reasons for perusing this project. Back in 2015, drones flew into restricted military space and even over the presidential palace. Although no one was hurt, terrorist hit France later in the year.

The French believe the use of eagles will help them take down drones without shooting at them, especially if the devices are in a largely populated area. However, they weren’t the first to come up with this idea. Dutch police trained an eagle to snatch a DJI Phantom drone from the air just last year.

Eagles are indeed the perfect animal. They are the perfect predator in the wild with their bone crushing talons, great speed, and incredible eyesight. Right before birth, they were placed atop the drones and even kept there during they feedings.

France has even ordered another brood of eagles. Until then d’Artagnan and his siblings continue their training. They were outfitted with new technology that will keep them safe and help them better pursue their targets. A source reports that “The military is designing mittens of leather and Kevlar, an anti-blast material to protect their talons.”

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