Furious 7 Number One for the Third Week in a Row and Earns $1 Billion

  • Priscilla Manzo​
  • April 21, 2015
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Furious 7 final box office sales hit $1.15 billion making it number seven in box office sales of all times.

The movies foreign total is at $858.8 million from the the past 19 days. China being one of the biggest contributors of the movie with $250.5 million in just eight days.

In the weekend alone in China the movie took in $93.3 million making in the second highest grossing American behind Transformers: Age of Extinction which brought in $320 million.

The film has been number one in North America for the past three consecutive weekends totalling $294.4 million.

This is the first Universal movie title to surpass $1 billion on its original run in 103 years.

The last country to premiere the Furious 7 movie was Japan who brought in the biggest showing of $6 million from the day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the overview of Furious 7 sales in each region are as followed:

“$46.9 million in the U.K., $45.6 million in Mexico, $32.4 million in Brazil, $32.1 million in Germany, $28.6 million in Australia, $27 million in Russia, $25.3 million in France, $24.2 million in India, $23.1 million in Taiwan, $21.3 million in Korea, $20.9 million in Argentina and $19.6 million in Venezuela.”


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