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The Future of Transportation: Hyperloop One

Transportation has come a long way in recent years. Many automakers are in the process of making autonomous cars and plane makers are creating larger faster jets. Recently Colorado says it will further the development of a transport system with Hyperloop One.

Researchers describe Hyperloop One as a super train capable of traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes. A drive from L.A. to San Francisco normally takes five hours by car.

The use of Hyperloop One would allow passengers and cargo to move through Front Range at speeds around 700 mph. At that speed it’s estimated the trip Denver to Boulder. The Colorado Department of Transportation says that with this new system of transportation passengers arrive from Denver International Airport to Greeley in 10 minutes.

Cargo and passengers are inside a capsule that would move them at the speed to 700 mph to their destination. The capsule is a suspended vacuum tube. The new system of transportation puts the Colorado Department of Transportation as one of thirty-five in a global competition to produce Hyperloop. CDOT is also one of the two semi-finalists in Colorado. CDOT director Shailen Bhatt described it as “almost like a pipeline that’s above the Earth.”

The other semi-finalist, Colorado Hyperloop, is developing a route along Front Range while CDOT maps out their route from DIA to Greeley. Hyperloop One will choose its winner out of the 35 in May. If the Colorado Department of Transportation happens to be the winner, it says it has already mastered plans to begin construction immediately.

Bhatt commented that the Hyperloop One is “kind of like the railroad- only a couple hundred years later, and it’s a new technology.”

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