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Happn Dating App: Giving Romance a Second Chance

via Happn/Facebook via Happn/Facebook
via Happn/Facebook via Happn/Facebook

As life becomes increasingly hectic, it’s only common for people to rush through their lives on a daily basis. They’re so quick to get from here to there that they miss opportunities for something important: romance.

Well, French entrepreneurs have come up with a new mobile app to solve this problem. According to Tech Crunch, this new app uses phone locations to show potential matches. Anytime two users cross each other’s path within a 250m radius, their profiles will show up on each other’s feed.

“The newsfeed personalization is really important. It’s based on real life, and this is key. It could be people you’ve crossed paths with and that you really wanted to see on Happn; it could also be someone you came across 44 times because you live in the same area,” Happn co-founder and CEO told Tech Crunch in a phone interview.

There is significant disappointment in those encounters that are often categorized as “near misses.” Due to this, the app strives to rid people of inopportuneness and provide them with a second chance.

According to The Telegraph, the app includes a map that indicates where the two people crossed paths and a personal profile for further insight. If someone has an interest in another person, he or she can “like” him or her, and if that person reciprocates the interest, they are able to start messaging.

Another plus is that the app is designed to ensure safety of the users and the data that they choose to provide. Daily Mail reported that locations are not saved and are invisible to all other users. In addition, each user is free to block another user or report any suspicious or unwanted behavior.

So, with all safety concerns aside, Happn looks to be the next big thing. It was launched in France just five months ago, and since then, it has gained nearly 150,000 users, according to Daily Mail. When the app hits the U.S., there’s no telling how many more users it might gain. Dating might have just opened itself up to a whole new luxury.


via Happn



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