iPhone Feature Stumps Thieves And Lowers Crime Rates In New York

  • Megan Harrison
  • June 23, 2014
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iPhone Feature Stumps Thieves And Lowers Crime Rates In New York

iPhone Feature Stumps Thieves And Lowers Crime Rates In New York

Apple has come out with a new form of security that will keep the information in one’s cellphone safe even if it’s stolen. According to US Day Care Jobs, iPhone users now have the ability to erase data remotely in order to protect their identity and anything else a criminal could get his or her hands on.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, reported that the feature, called Activation Lock, was presented in September and has since lowered Apple product thefts by 19 percent when compared with the previous year. Not only this, but grand larcenies in all of New York City dropped by 29 percent, which is directly paralleled with iPhone robbery.

Schneiderman is on board with the feature’s impact on decreased robbery, as he is currently campaigning for kill switches to be customary in the industry. The concept behind this process is to decrease the value on a cellphone so that it’s less likely to be stolen.

Paul Iliya, a phone re-distributor for iCracked, said his company rejects phones that are a product of theft. Bloomberg Businessweek reported that the number of robbery related phones in the recent months has significantly decreased. All worries don’t seem to be disappearing, however, as Iliya said there is still a demand for stolen phones. “There is still a market for them, but they’re paying 60 percent to 70 percent less,” Iliya said according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Stolen iPhones are traditionally sold for parts, but even that is better than the former. Changes are underway, and it looks like Apple may have permanently stumped the thieves.




Photo:  Worldnow.com

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