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J.Crew Introduces Size XXXS That Stuns Customers

J.Crew has been caught in the line of fire for its introduction of the sizes 000 and XXXS–sizes that many feel are simply unattainable. People are outraged at the message that the company is sending to women all around the world. According to The New Yorker, J.Crew stated that the 000 size was introduced solely due to persistent requests from petite Asian customers. Fiery shoppers are still offended, and the backlash has reached a criticizing peak.

With its new store openings in Hong Kong, J.Crew has attempted to fulfill the needs and satisfactions of an overarching number of individuals. “We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small,” a J.Crew spokeswoman told Today.

As a result, however, large markets of American customers are still nothing less than disgusted.

via J. Crew

via J. Crew

“I won’t support J.Crew’s decision to expand their sizing downward because it feeds into the notion that clothing size is a scarlet letter. The practical and reasonable thing to do would be to create a measurement’s guide that isn’t abhorrently dishonest, accepting that the brand now sells size 24 clothing,” said Capitol Hill Style, according to Today.

Jim Lovejoy, industry director for the Size USA survey, told Newsweek that most companies aren’t using standard sizes that are true to form anymore. In fact, these exceedingly small numbers are actually a bit larger in size than they let on so that women can fit into them and be more content.

Nonetheless, J.Crew insists that its new size is for no reason other than pleasing the Asian market. There are some American customers that are fighting against the norm and are voicing opinions favorable of the extra-extra-extra small size.

“It’s ridiculous when you see a 40- or 50-year-old woman asking for kids’ clothing in a store because that’s what fits,” said shopper Janine Heidt, according to Daily News.

The concept of a 23-inch waist size has brought strong disapproval to the table, but J.Crew remains strong in its decision to appeal to China as a primary outlet for business expansion. Whether one agrees with the verdict or not, J.Crew is on its way to becoming a global network of fashion.



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