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Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon Boss

Amazon Jeff Bezos
Amazon Jeff Bezos- Image from Facebook Amazon Jeff Bezos- Image from Facebook
Amazon Jeff Bezos
Amazon Jeff Bezos- Image from Facebook Amazon Jeff Bezos- Image from Facebook

In 2004, Jeff Bezos was an agent in his own company. He used to manage all external calls. His technical advisor talks about his journey with Jeff Bezos. There was a complaint from one customer about a particular product.

For sure, there was something terrible about the said product. Bryar recalls Bezos sending many emails asking for the best way to flag spoiled products.

Jeff Bezos steps down on July 12, 2021, which is the 27th anniversary since he became the Amazon CEO. He has made many mistakes, but he refers to them as the driver of the success of Amazon. Through trial and error, innovation becomes the key. But many people believe there is something wrong while working for tech giants around the world. A mass of employees said customer obsession is their daily cry while working.

Make the customer happy

Bezos believes successful companies work towards making customers happy. However, profit is always the final goal while setting up a business. Speaking to some workers, Nadia Shouraboura worked for Amazon from 2004. She joined the “S-team” of Managers. It was the top senior managerial team that clarified the final issues in the company, a report by bbc.

Shouboura made a small mistake one Christmas season. She had asked for the key to a too-high warehouse. Shelves. It would have taken much money and time to get the products out of the zone. She thought she had invented a straightforward way to save money and time. After talking to Jeff about the matter, the CEO told her it was wrong to believe that manner. He warned her about optimizing the money. All he wanted was to solve customers’ problems. Jeff asked Shouraboura to visit him in a few weeks about the same matter.

According to the article from ProPublica, there are claims that Jeff never paid tax for two years. The claim demanded Amazon CEO never adhered to the US government by omitting taxes for 2007 and 2011. In the same article, Amazon was said to be ruthless and monopolistic therefore controlling the market price. That means the company is very selfish and doesn’t care about the minor people in society. But Bezos’ close friends went ahead to defend him as they didn’t recognize Jeff as an uncaring man. It’s a matter of business and should never narrow down to his characters, a report by cnbc.

The two-pizza rule

The CEO keeps his meetings very productive whenever he holds one. He makes sure every person who attends has gotten a piece of the two pizzas.

He prefers memos to PowerPoint slides while in a meeting. Jeff could avoid biases by going around every person to get various ideas about the matter. When a leader dominates the discussion, it always leads to poor results. Shouruboura said Bezos would argue for the long term with those who push back on certain matters. She said the discussions were “very open” and everyone had a mandate to comment on them. The meetings were against the case and not a single person.

Among the 14principle of Amazon, “the backbone to disagree” is among them. Thus, managers would have the chance to disagree on something they felt would push down the company. That is the best rule for any leader to involve employees in sharing ideas, a report by nytimes.

“Bruising work culture,” was an article published in The New York Times in 2015. It was an open report from a former Amazon employee. They said obsession had taken part in Amazon warehouses. But let’s remember Jeff Bezos was an engineering-oriented person. He wanted people to work hard like he had done before to keep the company at the top. Workers in Bessemer said they work for long hours like machines. CCTV cameras in all places in the warehouse monitor their movements. That alone discourages them.

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Birth of Amazon Web Service

Senior managers work in unique and different ways. All teams must have autonomy, which may foster invention and innovation. An example is the Amazon Web Services that were different from what the company offers. He got the idea from Andy Jessy, who has worked for the company since 1997. The CEO provides the capital required to create a minor company within Amazon. That wraps up why Jeff Bezos chose him as his successor.

Shouruboura said it’s always good to be brave while having a start-up. Over time, your small idea becomes ambiguous to implement, and fear comes in. When you think about the capital you are using, it’s risky, but she said Andy Jessy was a brave man with his AWS idea.

Approaching the problem from backward can be tricky, but offers the best solutions. It’s like finding a math solution using the answers given. Bryar said that was the method employed by Jeff Bezos. The team was to start planning from the launch stage, coming to manufacture the idea.  The last thing while solving a problem was writing a press release, which is the reverse of what other companies do. His tactics are different from other entrepreneurs. He cultivates an idea with a long-term game in his mind.

Jeff Bezos will be among the first people with his brother Mark to fly into space. The journey is scheduled to take place on July 20 as spaceflight takes people outside earth. There is a petition that has gathered almost 150000 signatures. They want the planet earth not to allow him back when he flies away. Jeff has had a positive impact on many entrepreneurs. Through his philanthropy missions, many youths have been empowered.

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