JetBlue to Start Charging Fees on Checked Baggage

  • Leanne Coelho
  • July 1, 2015
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JetBlue has always been one of the lucrative airlines to travel within the country and not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Affordable tickets, timely flights and decent service were enough to let passengers travel with ease.

However, JetBlue is going to kick in a new scheme that may not keep the patrons very happy. Travellers who book the low-priced flights will have to pay $20 for their checked baggage online or $25 for the bags at the ticket counter.

In order to avoid this fee, the travellers will have to book through the “Blue Plus”. This simply means that the passengers will have to book a higher priced ticket to avoid paying for their baggage.

JetBlue predicts that the charges on the checked baggage will actually augment their operating income by approximately $200 million. As of now, South West is one of the only budgeted domestic airlines that do not charge for checked baggage.

Probably, a decision like that will shift the JetBlue customers to patronize with South West airlines instead. Only time will tell how a decision like that will affect the business. One thing is for sure though; several customers are pretty darn dissatisfied with the baggage fee.

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