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Jurassic World Surpasses Records in its Opening Weekend

Jurassic World stomped on the box office this weekend. The movie made an estimated $511.8 million in just the first days of its release.

The film was adopted from the first ever Jurassic Park movies premiering almost 20 years ago. Jurassic World is the fourth film in the Jurassic series.

According to Rentrak, a film and entertainment analytics company, the movie also triumphed in domestic box office making an estimated record of $204.6 million as of Sunday.

The movie can potentially beat out The Avengers from 2012 for the highest domestic opening of all time. As of Monday Jurassic World is predicted to beat out the $207.4 million record.

Analyst had only predicted $125 million for the film’s opening weekend, but the 14-year anticipation for the movie had those analysts feeling dumbfounded as the movie zoomed way passed its projected goals.

One of those analysts, Paul Dergarabedian, Senior Media Analyst at Rentrak, confessed his surprise of the movies take-off.

“This over-performed in a way that I’ve never seen. It broke the box office sound barrier,” he said

Both Universal Pictures and Legendary already got their money back on the $150 million production for the, PG-13 movie. Audiences of all ranges came out to support. Exit polls announced that 39 percent of the audience were under 25 years of age, meaning the movie grabbed both their older audiences from Jurassic Park in 1993 and a whole brand new generation.

Some audiences even splurged a little to make Jurassic World more of a reality by opting for the 3D experience; about 48 percent of audiences saw the film in 3D.

Universal’s President of Domestic Distribution, Nick Carpou, was also stunned from the outcome saying,

“It is extraordinary. The film has resonated with audiences around the world.”

Official numbers will be released this week after the weekend has finally come to a close, but the sales thus far are enough to prove that this film has set unbeatable records.

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